/'tauəl/ us uk

Danh từ

  • khăn lau
  • khăn tắm

Động từ

  • lau bằng khăn, chà xát bằng khăn
  • (từ lóng) đánh đòn, nện cho một trận

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The Beach is Fun 2

English Level 1

You can do a lot of things at the beach. You can lie down on a towel. Remember to put sunblock on. You don't want your skin to burn. You can make sandcastles. Show your creativity! You can surf in the water. Watch out for the big waves! Finally, you can watch the sunset.

Getting Ready for Work

English Level 2

He woke up. He got out of bed. He went to the restroom and took a shower. The water was cold at first. He made it warm. He took ten minutes to shower. He stepped out of the shower. The floor became wet. He grabbed a towel. He wrapped it all around him. He went to his bathroom mirror. He saw his reflection. He looked handsome. He had grown facial hair. It was time for him to shave it. He grabbed the shaving cream and poured some in his hand. He spread the shaving cream around his face. He grabbed the razor and started shaving. He cut himself by accident. It started bleeding. He was not hurt. He washed his face and applied aftershave. He put a band-aid on his cut. The cut stung him a little. He dried himself, and started getting ready for work.

Summer Day at the Pool

English Level 2

It was a hot Summer day. She was in her room. The fan was on, but it blew hot air. She did not want to be home. It was too hot. She thought of what to do. Her cell phone vibrated. She picked it up. She received a text message. It was from her friend. The text read: "Let's go to the pool" She replied with yes. She got ready immediately. She grabbed her towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and shampoo. She also packed her bathing suit. She went to the pool. Her friends were in the pool. She went to the lockers. She changed into her bathing suit. She applied her sunscreen. She jumped in the pool. The water was cool and refreshing. She splashed around with her friends. She no longer felt hot. She stayed in the pool all day.

A New Haircut

English Level 5

Angie was a fashion model. The modeling industry was a tough world. Although it looks glamorous, it is hard to make it big in the industry. Angie's agent suggested that she get a new haircut to make her stand out. Angie currently had long, blonde hair. She did not have a unique look. Angie didn't want to cut her hair though. She loved it.

Angie and her agent went to a fancy hair salon called Cute Cuts. The hair stylist was world renowned. "Cut nine inches off and spike up her hair like a boy's hair," the agent said. Angie was nervous. The hair stylist stroked her long hair. "Are you ready to be a star?" the hair stylist asked. Angie slowly nodded her head. She wasn't ready, but it didn't matter.

Angie listened to classical music while the hair stylist cut her hair. She tried to fall asleep so she wouldn't have to think about her hair. After 45 minutes, the hair stylist removed the hair towel. "Ta da!" she said. Angie started crying. She thought she looked awful! "You'll feel better once you book jobs," the agent said. Although Angie didn't like her haircut, she admitted that it was going to make her stand out.

She Gets Ready for the Beach

Super Easy Reading 1

She puts on her swimsuit. She puts sunblock in her beach bag. She puts a towel in her beach bag. She puts a big bottle of water in her beach bag. She puts on her flip-flops. She puts on her sunglasses. She puts on her big hat. It protects her from the sun. She's ready for the beach!

Washing Her Hands

Easy Reading 1

Fay went into the bathroom. She turned on the cold water. She turned on the hot water. Warm water came out of the faucet. She put her hands under the warm water. She rubbed her hands together. She picked up a bar of white soap. She rubbed the soap with her hands. She put the soap back. She washed her hands for half a minute. Then she rinsed her hands with the water. She turned off the hot water. She turned off the cold water. She dried her hands with a towel.

A Clean Car

Easy Reading 1

He had a beautiful car. It was a Cadillac. It was a 1993 Cadillac. It was a four-door Cadillac. It was light brown. It had a big engine. The big engine didn't leak oil. The big engine didn't leak water. He drove his car only five miles a day. He took good care of his car. He washed it every week. He washed it by himself. He washed it with dishwashing soap and water. He dried it with paper towels. He vacuumed inside the car every week. He vacuumed it with a small vacuum cleaner. The outside of his car was clean. The inside of his car was clean. He never ate anything inside his car. He never drank anything inside his car.

Learn to Swim

Easy Reading 1

It was summer. Swim classes were beginning. She didn't know how to swim. She wanted to learn. She called up the pool. "Do you teach adults how to swim?" she asked. The instructor said, "Yes, we teach adults how to swim. We teach kids how to swim. We teach everyone how to swim." She asked how much. "How much do you charge?" she asked. "We charge only $25 for adults," the instructor said. She gave him her name. He put her name on the swim class list. "You are on the swim class list," he said. "Your first lesson is Saturday at noon. Bring $25 and a towel." She asked, "That's all I need to bring?" He said, "I'm sorry. Bring your swimsuit, too.

Hotel Germs

Easy Reading 2

He called the hotel. He asked for a room for one night. He drove to the hotel. He checked into the hotel. The clerk gave him the room key. He went to his room. He took the sheets off the bed. He took the pillowcases off the pillows. He went into the bathroom. He took the towels off the towel rack. He took the little bar of soap out of the soap dish. He opened his travel bag. He took two sheets out of his travel bag. He took two pillowcases out of his travel bag. He took a towel out of his travel bag. He took a fresh bar of soap out of his travel bag. He put his sheets on the bed. He put his pillowcases on the pillows. He put his towel on the towel rack. He put his soap in the soap dish.

Shave Your Face

Easy Reading 2

He walked into the bathroom. He turned on the water and rinsed his face. He picked up the can of shaving cream. He put some shaving cream onto his fingers. He spread the shaving cream all over his face and neck. He picked up the razor. He shaved both sides of his face. Then he shaved his upper lip. He shaved his chin. Then he shaved his neck. He started from the bottom of his neck and stroked upwards. He shaved carefully around his Adam's apple. He rinsed out the razor. He rinsed his face completely to remove all the shaving cream. He dried his face with a towel and looked in the mirror. There was no shaving cream on his face. He was finished.

A Clean Car

Easy Reading 2

He had a blue car. He loved his blue car. It was dark blue. It had four doors. It was not a new car. It was an old car. But it had new tires. It had new black tires. All four tires were new. He felt safe with his new tires. They would not blow out. He could drive everywhere with his new tires. His car was dirty. He needed to wash it. The windows were dirty. The doors were dirty. The hood was dirty. The trunk was dirty. The bumpers were dirty. The tires weren't dirty. They were new tires. They were black and shiny. They looked good. He did not have to wash his tires. But he did have to wash his car. He put water into a bucket. He put a sponge into the bucket. He washed his car with the sponge. He dried his car with a towel. His car was shiny blue now. It looked like new. Now his old car was as shiny as his new tires.

Do the Laundry

Easy Reading 2

He took the sheet off the mattress. He took the pillowcase off the pillow. He took the towel off the towel bar. He put the sheet, pillowcase, and towel into the plastic laundry basket. He put his socks into the basket. He put his pants and shirts into the basket. He put his underwear and pajamas into the basket. He put the container of laundry soap into the basket. He put some quarters into his pocket. He opened his apartment door and walked downstairs. He went into the laundry room. He poured some laundry soap into the bottom of the washer. He put his clothes into the washer. He closed the lid of the washer. He moved one dial on the washer to "Big Load." He moved another dial to "Hot." He put six quarters into the coin slot. He pushed the coin slot in. The machine started filling with hot water. He went back upstairs. He watched TV for 35 minutes.

A Day at the Beach

Easy Reading 2

She was new in town. The town was near the ocean. She wanted to visit the beach. She had a new friend. She asked her new friend to take her to the beach. Her friend said okay. They went to the beach. It was a hot sunny day. The beach was crowded. They put a big towel on the sand. They walked down to the water. They stepped into the water. They got their feet wet. They went back to their towel. They sat on the towel. They looked at the boats and surfers. They looked at the seagulls. They saw some dolphins. A lifeguard walked by. He said hello. He talked to them for a minute. They stayed at the beach all afternoon. They talked with each other. They watched many people having fun. They watched the sun go down. It was huge and orange. It sank into the ocean. They shook the sand out of the towel. They folded the towel and walked back to the car. "That was wonderful," she told her friend. "I like the beach. Thank you for taking me to the beach today.

A Tornado

Easy Reading 2

It was a warm spring day. It was sunny, but a storm was coming. The sky turned dark gray. Then a black funnel descended from the sky. The black funnel touched the ground. It was a tornado. A tornado is strong. A tornado picks up cars and trucks. They fly through the air like pieces of paper. The tornado siren blasted. It warned everyone in town to take cover. Everyone gathered their kids and pets. They went downstairs into their basements. A tornado can destroy a house, but the basement is safe. Sometimes a tornado hits a town without warning. A year ago, a man was sitting in his bathtub. He was enjoying his bath. He heard a loud sound. He thought a train was crashing into his house. But he did not live near the railroad tracks. It wasn't a train. A tornado struck his house without warning. The tornado destroyed the man's whole house. Suddenly he was taking his bath outside. The roof and walls of his house were gone. His wife came home. At first she cried because her house was gone. Then she laughed. Her husband looked so funny sitting in the tub. He couldn't leave the tub because he had no clothes. He didn't want his neighbors to see him without clothes. His wife had a towel in the trunk of her car. She gave him a towel, and he climbed out of the tub. They were both happy that he was alive.

The Unused Sofa (1)

Easy Reading 2

The Wilsons invited the Carters to dinner. Mr. Carter was Mr. Wilson's boss. The Wilsons had a one-bedroom apartment. Their sofa was in the living room. It seated two people. It still looked new. They protected the sofa with towels. They spread the towels on top of the cushions. They removed the towels when friends visited. Mrs. Wilson spent the day preparing dinner. Mr. Wilson spent the day cleaning the apartment. He also ran some errands. They were both very busy all day. The Carters showed up at 7 p.m. Mr. Wilson walked them to the sofa. "Have a seat," he said. "I'll be right back." He went into the kitchen. When he returned, the Carters were sitting at the dining table. That's strange, he thought. The sofa was much more comfortable than the dining table chairs. He sat down with the Carters at the dining table. They started talking.

The Unused Sofa (2)

Easy Reading 2

He asked them if they would feel more comfortable on the sofa. They said they were just fine where they were. He went back into the kitchen. He helped his wife with the food. They brought the food out to the dining table. They sat down with the Carters. Mr. Wilson poured wine into their glasses. They all said "Cheers!" They drank wine, ate dinner, and talked. They had mango slices and vanilla ice cream for dessert. The Carters left. The Wilsons cleared the table and washed the dishes. "I'm so tired," said Mrs. Wilson. She wanted to sit down and watch some TV. They walked over to the sofa. "Oh, you forgot to take the towels off the sofa," she said. "What's this? Tell me they didn't see this." She pointed at a white stain on one of the dark blue towels. "Oh, now I understand," he said.

The Performance Artist

Easy Reading 2

Marina does performance art. She recently finished a five-day performance. She sat silently in a museum. She sat there every day for six hours. She didn't move or talk. There was a circle on the floor. Visitors could walk up to the edge of the circle. They could look at her from just a few feet away. They could talk to her. They could wave at her. They could stare. They could make faces. They could do almost anything they wanted. But they couldn't touch her. A security guard stood near her. It was the fifth day. Five minutes before her final hour was up, a man walked up. He stuck his finger down his throat. Then he threw up on her. She sat there for five more minutes. Then she wiped herself off with a towel. She didn't say anything. Her five-day performance was over. The man was arrested.

Laundry Day

English Level 8

Saturday morning meant one thing for Susan—doing the laundry. She hated doing the laundry. Unenthusiastically, she took the pillow cases off all the pillows. Then she removed the fitted sheet from the mattress. She took the towel off the towel bar in the bathroom.

She grabbed a couple of dirty dish towels out of the kitchen, and looked all around her apartment for anything else that needed washing.

In the corner of her living room, a can of coins sat on top of the file cabinet. She fished out seven quarters. She opened the cabinet under her kitchen sink and grabbed a plastic bottle of liquid detergent.

Finally, she set her electronic timer for 35 minutes. The timer would remind her that the washing was done, and that it was time to go back downstairs and put the clothes into the dryer for 40 minutes. Without the timer, Susan would completely forget to check her clothes.

Susan carried the laundry basket downstairs. How happy she would be when her laundry was done for this week. As she approached the laundry room, she heard a familiar sound. The sound was the washer washing and the dryer drying. One of her neighbors had got there before her. Muttering, Susan took her basket back upstairs.

A Dream from Beyond (1)

English Level 8

I was sound asleep. My grandfather appeared in a dream. He asked why I had never visited him and grandma at the cemetery. He said that even my mom hadn't visited since October 4 (grandma's birthday). He told me that, when I was young, I had walked out into a pond and slipped under water. He had rescued me. He said grandma was supposed to be watching me, but that she had gotten sick all of a sudden and was throwing up. It was probably the fresh blackberries they had picked and eaten earlier. Grandma had a bad stomach.

My parents were out on a boat in the pond. They did not know that grandpa had saved me until they got back to shore. I was in a towel and my clothes were drying on bushes. My brown and white Buster Brown shoes were also soaked. I was only three years old, grandpa said. My parents were angry at first, but when they saw that grandma was still feeling sick, they forgave her.

Grandpa told me that we had a picnic after that. The four of us ate some chicken, potato salad, and homemade cookies. We drank lemonade. Then grandpa took me for a walk in the woods (I sat on his shoulders). I saw some daisies, and we picked them. When we returned, I presented three daisies to mom and three to grandma, who was finally feeling better. Grandpa said to bring some daisies to the gravesite. Then I woke up.

Red Flowers Make Her See Red

English Level 8

What are these flowers doing here?" Anita asked as she was about to sit in the car's passenger seat. The towel that covered the leather seat had a couple of small red flowers sitting in a crease. The flowers appeared as she straightened out the towel before she sat down. She always straightened out the towel before sitting down, because Logan sometimes left his glasses, pen, or other items on the passenger seat. She didn't want to break anything by sitting on it, nor did she want to injure herself by sitting on something sharp.

What flowers?" Logan asked. "These flowers!" she said sharply, holding the two little flowers up to his nose. He said he didn't know. He said he thought they had been there for quite a while. No, they hadn't, she told him, as she put them into a tissue and then put the tissue in her purse. They weren't there two days ago when she had last been in his car. Maybe they had been there, but she hadn't seen them, he suggested. "Maybe you're lying! Who did you buy flowers for?" she yelled at him. This was not the first time she had "caught" him cheating on her. She had never really caught him, of course, because he had never cheated on her. It was a little game she liked to play, just to remind Logan not to cheat.

Well? Who did you buy these flowers for?" she asked again. He was trying to think. He was sure he had seen the flowers lying there for days, but he had no idea where they had come from. He told her that he had driven for a while yesterday with all the windows open, to freshen the car. "You know how windy it was yesterday. Maybe the flowers got blown into the car.

Ha!" she snorted. "If I ever catch you even thinking about cheating on me, we're through! Got it?" On the one hand, Logan was too much in love with Anita to ever cheat on her. On the other, when she got bossy like this, he did think—however fleetingly—about moving on.

The Toilet Tank (1)

English Level 8

Stanley had just finished brushing his teeth. He noticed water flowing into the toilet bowl. That's strange, he thought. The water continued to seep into the bowl. Stanley lifted the toilet tank top. The tank was half full, but the water was slowly rising. What in the world is going on, he wondered. He had not just flushed the toilet. He continued to watch the water rise in the tank. The water got up to the Water Line mark in the tank, where it was supposed to stop rising. But it continued to rise.

Stanley was alarmed. Is this thing going to overflow, he wondered. He went into his bedroom and grabbed some towels. When he returned to the bathroom, the toilet was silent. The water had stopped rising at one inch above the water line. But that was only about two inches below the top of the tank. That was too close for comfort. Stanley put two and two together. He had heard water running for more than a week now, but he had assumed it was his neighbor's toilet. Now he knew it was his own.

He called Henry the handyman. Henry was a really nice guy. His rates were much cheaper than a regular plumber's rates. Henry said he'd be over the next day. The next day, Henry arrived only 30 minutes late, which was "on time" for Henry. He tried to turn off the toilet tank shutoff valve on the bathroom wall, but the valve was "frozen." "We don't want to mess with that," he told Stanley. "That valve is too easy to bust, and it would take a lot of work to put a new one on.

Honoring G

English Level 8

A group in San Francisco is "honoring" former President G.W. Bush by proposing to name a new wastewater treatment plant after him.

We hope that this will catch on nationwide," said activist Bill Maher. "Every state should have a wastewater treatment plant named after Bush." In addition, Maher's group is offering $5 to the person who comes up with the best new word for their online "Bush Dictionary." The word must refer to Bush somehow, such as "garbush can" for garbage can, "bushfill" for landfill, and "bushpaper" for toilet paper. To submit a new word, go to

In addition to putting Bush's name everywhere, Maher's group also wants to see Bush's face plastered all over America. They are talking to many different companies. Waste Management, the largest trash company in America, might put Bush's face on the rear end of all their trash trucks, Maher said.

In addition, he hopes that Kimberly-Clark will put Bush's face on their paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper, and disposable diapers. "I can't wait to blow my nose into Bush's face," said Maher, laughing.

Several companies are eager to work with Maher's group. He said that the public will soon see Bush's face on dartboards, Welcome mats, and the bottom of trash cans and kitty litter boxes. One company is putting his face on their fly swatters. "Bush ruined this country," said Maher, "so we want to ruin his image. Unfortunately, the man is such a dope that when he sees his face on a yellow plastic fly swatter, he'll probably feel flattered.