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She Rubs Her Foot

Super Easy Reading 1

She sits down in the chair. She unties a shoelace. She takes off her left shoe. She puts it on the floor. She takes off her sock. She puts it on the shoe. Her foot is sore. She rubs her foot. Her foot feels better. She feels better. She unties the other shoelace.

He Gets Dressed

Super Easy Reading 1

He puts on his shirt. He puts on his pants. He tucks his shirt into his pants. He buttons his pants. He zips up his pants. He sits down. He puts on his left sock. He puts on his right sock. He puts on his left shoe. He puts on his right shoe. He ties his shoelaces.

Get Dressed

Easy Reading 2

He put on his underwear. He put on his slacks. He put a belt through the belt loops in his slacks. He put on a pair of black socks. Then he put on his brown shoes. He tied the shoelaces. He stood up and walked over to his closet. He found a short-sleeve golf shirt. It was blue and white. He pulled it on over his head. He tucked the shirt into his slacks. He zipped up his slacks and buckled his belt. He looked at himself in the mirror. He buttoned the three buttons on his golf shirt. He made sure the collar lay flat. He put his keys and wallet in his pocket. He left his apartment.