/rʌb/ us uk

Danh từ

  • sự cọ xát, sự chà xát
  • sự lau, sự chải
  • (thể dục,thể thao) chỗ đất gồ ghề (làm chệch quả cầu lăn)
  • sự khó khăn, sự cản trở
  • đá mài ((cũng) rub stone)

Ngoại động từ

  • cọ xát, chà xát, xoa, xoa bóp
  • lau, lau bóng, đánh bóng
  • xát mạnh lên giấy can để nổi bật (hình vẽ...)
  • nghiền, tán

Nội động từ

  • cọ, chà xát
  • mòn rách, xơ ra (quần áo...), xước (da)
  • (thể dục,thể thao) chệch đi vì lăn vào chỗ gồ ghề (quả cầu lăn)

Related Lessons

Coffee on a Cold Night

English Level 2

It was a cold night. The moon was bright and round. The wind blew cold through the window. Jim got up from his couch and closed it. Jim was shivering because it was cold. He rubbed his hands together. Jim went to the kitchen. He wanted to make coffee. He opened his cabinet. He grabbed the can of coffee beans. He opened the lid. He held the can up to his nose. He took a deep breath. It smelled like fresh coffee beans. Jim loved the smell of coffee. He loved drinking coffee more. He poured the beans into the coffee maker. He grabbed a pitcher and put it in under the machine. He pressed a button and it started brewing. Jim started shivering again. He moved around to warm his body. The machine took fifteen minutes to finish. Jim poured the coffee into a mug. He drank it all. The coffee warmed his body. He stopped shivering.

Fried Eggs

English Level 4

Cynthia decided to make eggs for her daughter's birthday because it is her favorite food. She woke up her daughter. Her daughter rubbed her eyes and yawned. Cynthia hugged her and said happy birthday. She gave her a food tray. There were bacon, pancakes, and eggs, of course. Cynthia's daughter looked at the eggs and said, "What is this?

It's eggs, silly. Your favorite," Cynthia said. "It doesn't look the same," her daughter said. Cynthia explained that you could make eggs in many different ways. Her daughter had only ever eaten them scrambled. Cynthia fried the eggs this time. Her daughter took a small bite. "Delicious!" she said.

She Rubs Her Foot

Super Easy Reading 1

She sits down in the chair. She unties a shoelace. She takes off her left shoe. She puts it on the floor. She takes off her sock. She puts it on the shoe. Her foot is sore. She rubs her foot. Her foot feels better. She feels better. She unties the other shoelace.

He Takes a Shower

Super Easy Reading 1

He turns on the hot water faucet. He turns on the cold water faucet. He tests the water temperature. The water is the right temperature. He pulls open the shower curtain. He steps into the tub. He pulls the curtain closed. He grabs a bar of soap. He rubs the soap between his hands.

Washing Her Hands

Easy Reading 1

Fay went into the bathroom. She turned on the cold water. She turned on the hot water. Warm water came out of the faucet. She put her hands under the warm water. She rubbed her hands together. She picked up a bar of white soap. She rubbed the soap with her hands. She put the soap back. She washed her hands for half a minute. Then she rinsed her hands with the water. She turned off the hot water. She turned off the cold water. She dried her hands with a towel.

The Shoe Shine

Easy Reading 1

Danny looked at his brown shoes. They looked old and dirty. They needed a shine. It was time to shine his brown shoes. He got a rag. He got a shoe brush. He got a can of polish. He opened the can of polish. He put the rag around his finger. He scooped out a bit of polish with his finger. He rubbed the polish all over the left shoe. He brushed the left shoe. He brushed it and brushed it. The shoe began to shine. It looked like a new shoe. Then Danny put polish on the right shoe. He brushed the right shoe until it looked like a new shoe.

An Apple Pie

Easy Reading 2

The tree was full of red apples. The farmer was riding his brown horse. He stopped under the tree. He reached out and picked an apple off a branch. He bit into the raw apple. He enjoyed the apple. His horse turned its head to look at him. The farmer picked another apple off the tree. He gave it to the horse. The horse ate the raw apple. The horse enjoyed the apple. The farmer put a dozen apples into a bag. He rode the horse back home. He put the horse in the barn. He walked into his house. The cat rubbed up against his leg. He gave the cat a bowl of warm milk. He sat down on the sofa. He opened a book to read. His wife came home. She cooked the raw apples. She made an apple pie. They ate bread and hot soup for dinner. They enjoyed the bread and soup. They had hot apple pie for dessert. They both enjoyed the apple pie.

Wash Your Nose

Easy Reading 2

He wanted to wash his hands. His hands were dirty. They were dirty from the newspaper. All newspapers have black ink. The black ink got on his hands. When he rubbed his nose, he put black ink on his nose. His wife looked at him. She laughed. "Why are you laughing?" he asked. She said his nose was black. She handed him a mirror. He looked in the mirror. He said, "Yes, you're right. I have black ink on my nose. I look a little bit funny." "No, you look very funny," his wife said. She laughed again. He went into the bathroom. He turned on the water. He picked up the bar of soap. He rubbed the soap between his hands. He washed his face. He rinsed his face with water. He looked in the bathroom mirror. His nose was clean. There was no ink on his nose. He walked out of the bathroom. He wanted to show his wife his new nose.

Young Boy Defends Sister

English Level 8

A nine-year-old boy defended his sister from her angry ex-boyfriend yesterday. Woody Harrelson, 24, who had a house key, had hidden in the closet of the Shatner family's home waiting for his ex-girlfriend Ethel, 23, to return. He attacked Ethel with a knife seconds after she arrived home. She was carrying their 11-month-old baby in her arms. Woody stabbed away, not caring if he injured his baby or not. Ethel, bleeding and screaming, ran into her bedroom and put the baby into the crib. Woody followed her into the bedroom.

Curt ran into the bedroom and jumped onto Woody's back. From behind, he managed to jam his fingers into Woody's eyes. Woody yelled and dropped the knife. As Woody stumbled around rubbing his eyes, Curt grabbed the knife and plunged it twice into Woody's lower back. Woody ran out of the house. Curt held onto the knife in case Woody came back. Ethel called 911. The paramedics treated Ethel's wounds and transported her to the hospital, where she is in stable condition. The baby, protected by its heavy clothing and a blanket, was unharmed. Woody has not been caught yet.

All hospitals in the area were alerted to watch for Woody, because Curt said that he "got him good." In fact, said one doctor, Woody should get to a hospital as soon as possible. He might bleed to death if Curt actually punctured one of Woody's kidneys. The paramedics and police commended little Curt for his bravery. He said that it was his responsibility to protect his sister, because "when Daddy's not home, I'm the man of the family.

Santa Molested by Young Woman

English Level 8

At a popular mall in Dothan, Alabama, Santa Claus asked a 33-year-old woman, sitting on his lap, what she wanted for Christmas. She said she wanted him! "I couldn't believe it," said Paul Moyer, 65 years old. "I figured that I misheard her, so I asked her again. She didn't say 'Yule'; she said 'You'—meaning me!

And then she started groping Santa. She put both hands on his cheeks and gave him a big kiss on his lips. She pulled off his cap and stroked his white hair—or what was left of it. Then she unbuckled his big black belt and stuck her hand down his pants. Santa was no match for this young woman, who was stronger, faster, and hornier than he was. He started yelling for help.

By the time a security guard arrived, the woman had unbuttoned Santa's jacket and was rubbing her chest against his. She was wearing flip-flops, shorts, and a T-shirt, with no bra. The guard asked her to leave Santa alone, but she ignored him. He had to pull her off Santa. Both Santa and the woman were out of breath.

The police eventually arrived. They handcuffed the woman and put her in a squad car. They said she would be charged with sexual assault and battery. "That poor guy didn't know what hit him," said one officer. Santa took a 10-minute break to recover and to put his Santa suit back together.

When Santa returned to his chair by the Christmas tree, he apologized to the kids who had witnessed the attack. They did not seem to be bothered by the excitement, except for the fact that they had to wait in line a little longer to visit with Santa. Two 13-year-old boys, however, enjoyed the "show." They both said they couldn't wait until they were old enough to work as Santa in a mall. "She was hot!" said one of the boys.

It Was an Old, Worthless Clock

English Level 6

It was an old clock, but it still told the correct time. The face had a faded picture of Andy's parents taken when they were newlyweds. Aside from some photos, the clock was the only memento Andy had of his mom and dad.

His father died of cancer in 1964. Then his mom moved to a private nursing home. She had many friends there. The nursing home, however, went bankrupt. They moved her into a state nursing home. She hated it there.

She asked Andy to help her move into a private nursing home again. She had spent most of her husband's savings on living expenses at the first nursing home. Andy said he would try.

But Andy had no savings. He was a sergeant in the Army, and all his money went to his wife and three kids. He called his older brother Frank, who was single and had a great job. Frank was an avid deep-sea fisherman and was interested in buying a large boat for weekend use.

Frank, I don't have the money now, but you do," Andy pleaded. "Just pay for Mom and I'll owe you for half of the nursing home costs.

You'll owe me? You don't have two nickels to rub together, and probably never will. I'll get stuck for the whole bill. What about my boat?

What boat?

Never mind. Let me think about it, and I'll get back to you.

Frank never did send his mom the money to move into a private nursing home. Alone and unhappy, she died in the state nursing home only a year later. Andy never forgave his brother.

Many years went by. Frank's health declined. He called up Andy one day. "Andy, I feel really bad about not helping out Mom. I was too interested in getting that boat. The older I've gotten, the more guilt I feel. My days are numbered, Andy. I was wondering if you would send me that clock, just for a little while. I want to beg Mom to forgive me.

Andy was very reluctant to part with his clock, but he did feel a little sorry for Frank.

Frank died ten months later. One of Frank's nieces, Flo, was the executor of his estate. Flo had hired a lawyer to help her Uncle Frank rewrite his will in his dying days. Strangely enough, Flo got everything.

She made sure Uncle Frank was buried a day after his death. No announcement was made about his funeral, which Flo kept private—at the 20-minute service, Flo was the only mourner. Flo sold Uncle Frank's house, car, and boat within the week. Everything of lesser value went to a charity. His cash and stocks, of course, were already safely in her name.

When Andy discovered that his brother had died, he called Flo to ask about his clock. "Oh," she said, "that went to charity with everything else. You didn't really want that old thing, did you, Uncle Andy? Uncle Andy? Hello?" Well, that was rude, she thought.