/rins/ us uk

Ngoại động từ

  • ((thường) + out) súc, rửa
  • giũ (quần áo)
  • nhuộm (tóc)
  • chiêu (đồ ăn) bằng nước (rượu...)

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Dental Care

English Level 1

He eats a lot of candy. He needs to clean his teeth now. He does not want cavities. He goes to the bathroom. He flosses between his teeth. He grabs his toothbrush. He brushes his teeth up and down. He rinses his mouth. His teeth look white. Finally, he uses mouthwash.

Taking Good Care of Teeth

English Level 4

Chuck has really white teeth. He has never had a cavity before. He takes good care of his teeth. He brushes his teeth with whitening toothpaste for 5 minutes. He brushes in a circular motion. He does not forget his tongue.

Afterwards, he uses minty mouthwash. He rinses his mouth with it for a minute. It burns a little bit. Finally, he flosses between every tooth. He does this process after he eats. He even does this after eating a snack. He brings his teeth cleaning supplies everywhere. He even brings them to school!

He Takes a Shower

Super Easy Reading 1

He walks into the bathroom. He pulls back the shower curtain. He turns on the shower water. He steps into the tub. He closes the shower curtain. He grabs a bar of soap. He washes all over. He rinses the soap off. He turns off the water. He steps out of the tub.

Dishes in the Sink

Super Easy Reading 1

The dishes are in the sink. The dishes are dirty. She wets the sponge. She pours dishwashing soap onto the sponge. She washes the dishes with the sponge. She rinses the dishes. She puts the dishes on the rack. The dishes dry on the rack. The dishes are clean and dry.

She Scrubs the Sink

Super Easy Reading 1

She looks at the bathroom sink. It is dirty. It looks yellow. It needs cleaning. She grabs a sponge. She wets the sponge. She grabs some cleanser. She sprinkles the cleanser into the sink. She scrubs the sink with the sponge. She rinses the sponge. She rinses the sink. The sink is white.

He Has Bad Breath

Super Easy Reading 1

He talks to a stranger. The stranger backs away. The stranger offers him chewing gum. He accepts it. He goes home. He goes into the bathroom. He brushes his teeth. He scrapes his tongue. He opens a bottle of mouthwash. He gargles with it. He rinses his mouth with water. He feels better.

Washing Her Hands

Easy Reading 1

Fay went into the bathroom. She turned on the cold water. She turned on the hot water. Warm water came out of the faucet. She put her hands under the warm water. She rubbed her hands together. She picked up a bar of white soap. She rubbed the soap with her hands. She put the soap back. She washed her hands for half a minute. Then she rinsed her hands with the water. She turned off the hot water. She turned off the cold water. She dried her hands with a towel.

Scrub the Floor

Easy Reading 1

Andrew got down on his hands and knees. He put a dry sponge into the bucket. The bucket was full of soapy water. He squeezed the sponge. He scrubbed the kitchen floor. There were marks on the floor. There were spots on the floor. There was old food on the floor. He scrubbed the floor clean. Then he took the bucket into the bathroom. He poured the soapy water into the tub. The water went down the drain. He turned on the shower. He rinsed the tub. He turned the bucket over so it would dry. He washed his hands.

A Brush with God?

Easy Reading 1

He dropped his toothbrush. It fell on the floor. He picked up his toothbrush. He rinsed it off. He brushed his teeth. He rinsed his mouth. He walked out of the bathroom. He sat on his bed. He felt something. It was under the sheet. He took the sheet off the bed. Something was in his mattress. It was a brand new mattress. He had bought it yesterday. What is in the mattress, he wondered. He went to the kitchen. He took a knife from the kitchen drawer. He cut open the mattress. What could it be, he wondered. It was small. It was black. It was a book. It was the New Testament. Is God trying to tell me something, he wondered.

Brush Your Teeth

Easy Reading 2

She walked into the bathroom. She took the cap off the tube of toothpaste. She squeezed some toothpaste onto her toothbrush. She turned on the cold water. She brushed her upper teeth and spit out some toothpaste. She brushed her lower teeth and spit out some more toothpaste. She rinsed out her toothbrush. She put the toothbrush back into the toothbrush holder. She put some water into a cup and rinsed out her mouth. She spit out the water and walked out of the bathroom.

Shave Your Face

Easy Reading 2

He walked into the bathroom. He turned on the water and rinsed his face. He picked up the can of shaving cream. He put some shaving cream onto his fingers. He spread the shaving cream all over his face and neck. He picked up the razor. He shaved both sides of his face. Then he shaved his upper lip. He shaved his chin. Then he shaved his neck. He started from the bottom of his neck and stroked upwards. He shaved carefully around his Adam's apple. He rinsed out the razor. He rinsed his face completely to remove all the shaving cream. He dried his face with a towel and looked in the mirror. There was no shaving cream on his face. He was finished.

Peel a Carrot

Easy Reading 2

She opened the refrigerator. She took a carrot out of the refrigerator. She took a carrot peeler out of the kitchen drawer. She peeled the carrot. She put the carrot skin on a white plate. She rinsed the carrot peeler. She chopped off the two ends of the carrot. She put the carrot ends on the white plate. She chopped the carrot in half. She rinsed the knife. She sprinkled a little salt onto the carrot halves. She put the carrot halves on a blue plate. She put the blue plate on the table. The blue plate was for her. She put the white plate on the floor. Her pet rabbit ran over to the white plate. It ate everything on the plate. The rabbit didn't need salt.

Wash Your Nose

Easy Reading 2

He wanted to wash his hands. His hands were dirty. They were dirty from the newspaper. All newspapers have black ink. The black ink got on his hands. When he rubbed his nose, he put black ink on his nose. His wife looked at him. She laughed. "Why are you laughing?" he asked. She said his nose was black. She handed him a mirror. He looked in the mirror. He said, "Yes, you're right. I have black ink on my nose. I look a little bit funny." "No, you look very funny," his wife said. She laughed again. He went into the bathroom. He turned on the water. He picked up the bar of soap. He rubbed the soap between his hands. He washed his face. He rinsed his face with water. He looked in the bathroom mirror. His nose was clean. There was no ink on his nose. He walked out of the bathroom. He wanted to show his wife his new nose.

Walk Right In

Easy Reading 2

Bill walked to the front door of his apartment. Someone had slipped a piece of paper under the door. It was a notice from the manager. They were going to spray his apartment for bugs. He didn't have any bugs. They would spray Friday morning. Friday morning he was in the bathroom. He heard a knock at the door. He was shaving. He rinsed his face. He heard the door open. "Bug spraying!" the worker said. Bill couldn't believe it. The worker hadn't waited for Bill to come to the door. He had just knocked on the door and immediately entered. Some people shouldn't have master keys, Bill thought. He yelled to the worker, "No spraying today!" The worker said okay and walked out. Does anyone have patience anymore, Bill wondered. On future spraying days, he would leave the chain on his front door. A chain beats a master key.

Brushing and Flossing

English Level 8

Kevin had just finished dessert. It was a piece of dark chocolate, washed down with a glass of cold milk. Delicious! He rinsed his mouth out with a glass of water, and then spit into the kitchen sink.

He sat down at the dining room table and grabbed some floss. He carefully flossed his top teeth and then his bottom teeth. Flossing was a chore. The floss almost always got stuck between two teeth in the upper back and two teeth in the lower front. Finally finished, he threw the frayed floss into the trash.

He went into the bathroom and grabbed his electric toothbrush. TV ads always show people putting toothpaste onto the entire length of the brush. Of course, that was to get them to use up the tube faster so they'd have to buy another tube sooner. Kevin put just a little toothpaste onto the brush. He brushed for about a minute.

He spent another 30 seconds brushing his tongue. Then he spit out all the toothpaste, and gargled and spit again.

Brushing and flossing are such a pain, he thought. If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they invent something easier and faster than toothpaste and dental floss?

Cleaning a Dirty Plate

English Level 8

It was a white, plain-looking dinner plate, with no adornment. The brand name was Corelle, a popular brand made by Corning. On the bottom of the plate, in addition to "Corelle" and "Corning," was the following text: "Microwave Safe—Not for Broiler or Stovetop Use.

Although now they were hard to find, all of his plates were the same brand and the same color. He had bought these plates, years ago, for two reasons. One, food cannot easily stick to or "hide" on unadorned plates. Therefore, they are easier to clean. Two, white plates show stains more clearly than colored or decorated plates. Stains you can see are stains you can clean. He had the same philosophy about silverware. He bought knives, forks, and spoons that had no ornamentation.

Standing at the kitchen sink, he turned on the cold water faucet. He picked up the dinner plate in his left hand. He grabbed the pad with his right hand. Dishwashing soap was already on the pad. He wet the pad and started scrubbing the plate. There was a stain in the middle of this plate, about six inches across. It went all around the plate, just inside of where the plate curved upwards.

This light brown stain had been growing for months. Today, he was going to get rid of it once and for all. He scrubbed. He scrubbed some more. He rinsed the plate off. The stain was still there. He added more soap to the pad. He scrubbed some more. All of a sudden, because the plate and his hands were so soapy and he was scrubbing with such force, the plate flew out of his hands. It didn't land softly on the seat cushion of the dining room chair. Instead, it crashed into the metal arm rest of the chair. Each of the four pieces on the floor was about the same size.

Ham and Eggplant

English Level 8

He arrived home a little bit hungry. First, he had to take a small package of ham out of the freezer. But before he did that, he took the big pot off the stove and put about an inch of water in the bottom. Then he put the steamer basket into the pot. He put the pot on the stove and turned on the gas burner.

He opened the refrigerator and took out an eggplant. He washed the eggplant with soap and water, and then rinsed it. He sliced the eggplant into thin sections, and put them all into the big pot. He put the lid on the pot and set the timer to 20 minutes.

In 20 minutes, the eggplant would be deliciously soft, almost like pudding. He would take half of it out of the pot, and put it into a bowl. Then he would add a little butter, salt, ground pepper, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Then, he would chop up some microwaved ham, add it to the eggplant, and enjoy! But first, he needed to take the ham out of the freezer.

Before he did that, he took a lemon out of the fruit bowl on top of the refrigerator. He sliced it in half and looked around for the lemon squeezer. It was supposed to be hanging on a hook above the sink. It wasn't, of course. He dug through the pile of clean dishes in his sink. It wasn't there. He looked through all the stuff on all the countertops. He looked on the stovetop, in the fridge, and in the microwave. He looked in the kitchen drawers. He gave up.

He sat down at the dining table and cursed his lack of organization. I've spent half of my life looking for things I've spent the other half misplacing, he muttered. Just then he spotted the lemon squeezer, sitting on top of his printer. Of course, he thought. Where else would it be?

The timer went off. He turned off the burner. He squeezed the lemon. He took half the eggplant out of the pot, put it into a bowl, added butter, and watched it melt. He shook salt and grinded pepper onto the eggplant, poured the lemon juice on the eggplant, and sat down at the dining table. He took a bite. It was delicious! But, something was missing. What was it? Just before the last bite of eggplant, he remembered.

The Vacuum Cleaner Filter (1)

English Level 8

Oliver went to Target to buy a new vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners at Target cost $60 to $500. The expensive ones were too bulky and, of course, too expensive. He bought the cheapest one in the store: a Dirt Devil "Vibe." Its label claimed that it had "full size features, a clean release dirt cup, onboard cleaning tools, and weighed less than 11 pounds." Plus, it had an HEPA filter. All of these features were nice, Oliver thought, but the most important feature was the cheap price.

When he got home, he tried out his new Vibe. It worked pretty well. It had a nice long cord; he could plug it into the outlet in his kitchen and the vacuum cleaner would reach all corners of his apartment. The handle, however, was not very comfortable to hold. Every few minutes, he had to stop vacuuming in order to rest his hand. Whoever had designed the handle had done a very poor job. He figured it was probably the same person who designs the tiny rear windshields that restrict a driver's view of what's behind him.

But, otherwise, the Vibe seemed to clean quite well, and the plastic cup was easy to empty. There was no bag to hassle with—just pour the dirt out of the plastic cup, rinse it out, and snap it back onto the vacuum cleaner.