/'pʌdl/ us uk

Danh từ

  • vũng nước (mưa...)
  • (thông tục) việc rắc rối, việc rối beng
  • đất sét nhào (để láng lòng kênh...)

Nội động từ

  • ((thường) + about) lội bùn, vầy bùn, lội trong vũng nước bẩn, vầy trong vũng nước bẩn
  • làm rối beng

Ngoại động từ

  • làm đục ngàu, làm ngàu bùn, làm sục bùn (nước...)
  • nhào (đất sét với cát) với nước (để láng lòng kênh...)
  • láng (lòng kênh) bằng đất sét nhào
  • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) cày ướt
  • (kỹ thuật) luyện putlinh (gang thành sắt)

Related Lessons

Water on the Floor

English Level 1

She is thirsty. She gets a glass of water. She begins to walk. She drops the glass. There is water on the floor. The puddle is big. She gets a mop. She wipes the water off. The floor is clean. She gets another glass of water. She drinks it. She is happy.

Jim Walks Nancy Home from School

English Level 2

Jim and his sister were walking home from school. "How was school?" Jim asked. "It was nice," said Jim's sister. Her name was Nancy. Nancy was seven. She had black hair. Her hair was short and straight. She also had braces. Jim forgot to bring an umbrella for Nancy. Jim and Nancy huddled together under Jim's umbrella. The rain fell lightly. "Let's hurry," Jim said. Jim and Nancy walked faster. Jim stepped on a puddle. The water splashed. Nancy's pants got wet. "I'm sorry," Jim said. "It's okay," said Nancy. It started raining more. They soon arrived home. Lightning struck across the sky. It sounded loud. They were safe inside. Nancy's clothes were wet. She changed her clothes. Jim did the same. Nancy looked out the window. It was raining hard. She was glad to be inside. Jim felt the same.

A White Dress

English Level 3

Jenny Carter wanted a new white dress. She saw the dress in a store window four months ago. The dress was very expensive. Jenny had been saving her money to buy it. She finally had enough money to afford it. Jenny cashed her check at the bank. Then she ran to the department store. She tried the dress on. It fit perfectly. Jenny paid for the dress. She decided to wear it out of the store. She stood at the sidewalk with a big smile on her face. A car quickly sped by. It ran over a big puddle. All the dirty water splashed onto Jenny's dress. The dress was now dirty. A woman from the store popped her head out. "We don't make refunds," she told Jenny loudly.

You're the Winner

English Level 3

Liz Adams had spent all day glued to her radio. Her favorite band was playing a show soon. A station was giving away free tickets. Liz was determined to win a pair. From six in the morning till midnight, Liz listened to the station non-stop. This went on for four days. Liz had to be caller 20 to win. On the last day of the contest, she finally got through. "You're the winner!" said the radio host. Liz screamed with excitement. She also jumped uncontrollably. Her cell phone slipped from her hand. It landed in a big puddle. "Hello?" asked the radio host. "Oh well," he said. "I guess she didn't want the tickets.

The Rainy Days

English Level 7

The sky had been gloomy all week. The clouds looked stormy and grey. It suggested a forecast of rain and thunder. The next day it began to rain. It did not just sprinkle, it poured. It was raining extremely hard. Most people stayed indoors to avoid the rain. Those who were outside wore heavy raincoats and carried umbrellas. Outside there were rivers that flowed through the streets. When cars drove by, the water splashed on pedestrians.

For those that enjoyed rain, it was nice to finally see the rain. Some children loved to jump in puddles and show off their new rain boots to their friends. However, many did not enjoy the rain. It was difficult for people to go out when it was raining. It was inconvenient for those who had to go to work or school. Driving was also harder in the rain. No one was at the park or at the beach. If they did go out, they would get soaked in the rain. The only thing people could do was stay indoors, whether it is the mall or a museum. Some took this opportunity to stay in at home and watch a movie. Others cooked meals or curled up with a good book.

The next day, the rain stopped. The sky cleared up. A beautiful rainbow appeared. The sky was blue, and people started to come out. There were no more umbrellas and raincoats. It was not warm yet, and people still needed sweaters, but most were happy to stay dry.

Plants Need Water

Easy Reading 2

He loved his plants. His plants were in pots. There were 10 pots in back of the house. There were eight pots in front of the house. There was a different plant in every pot. No plants were the same. They were all different. They were all beautiful. It was Friday. It was time to water the plants. He watered the plants once a week. He went outside. He grabbed the hose. It was green and long. It was about 40 feet long. He turned on the water. Water came out of the end of the hose. He watered each plant in back of the house. He watered each plant until the soil was dark and wet. He watered each plant until the soil was soft. Then he went out front. The hose out front was also green. It was 30 feet long. He watered all the plants out front. Puddles of water were around each pot. There were 8 puddles of water out front. Butterflies and bees visited the wet plants. He watched for a while. Then he went back inside. Next week he would water the plants again.

The Toilet Tank (2)

English Level 8

Henry went out to the front of the apartment building and turned off the main water valve. No one was home in the building except Stanley, so Henry didn't have to warn the neighbors about the shutoff. Back in the bathroom, Henry flushed the toilet. Then he used a couple of rags to dry and clean the bottom of the toilet tank. He unscrewed the plastic Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve and removed it. He replaced it with a new fill valve. "When the water keeps running, it's usually your fill valve. It could also be the flapper, but your flapper looks okay. Plus, it's a weird-looking flapper. I'd probably have to special order it.

Henry tightened the plastic nut below the tank, securing the fill valve. "You mustn't over-tighten this, because it'll break," he said. "In the old days, we used rubber gaskets and metal nuts and washers. Nowadays, everything is cheap plastic." He went back outside, turned on the main valve, and returned. He flushed the toilet, waited for the bowl to refill and for the new fill valve to shut off the water. It shut off exactly at the Water Line mark.

We got lucky," Henry said. "I don't have to fiddle around adjusting the fill valve. That's good, because I'm a little late for another job right now." Henry flushed the toilet again, and watched the bowl and the tank fill. "That does it," he told Stanley. Stanley thanked him and paid him.

Three hours later, Stanley noticed a puddle of water, hardly bigger than a quarter, on the bathroom floor. He called Henry, who said the plastic nut just needed a little tightening. But because he was working all that day on another job, he wouldn't be able to come over until tomorrow. He told Stanley to put a big plastic bowl under the tank and not to worry. "It's just a tiny leak. Your bathroom won't get flooded.