/'pitʃə/ us uk

Danh từ

  • bình rót (sữa, nước...)
  • (thực vật học) lá hình chén (lá biến đổi thành hình chén có nắp

Danh từ

  • (thể dục,thể thao) cầu thủ giao bóng (bóng chày)
  • người bán quán ở vỉa hè
  • đá lát đường

Related Lessons

Lemonade on a Hot Day

English Level 2

It was a hot day. The sun was shining in the sky. The air was sticky. It was a Sunday afternoon. Jane was thirsty. She went to the kitchen to get a drink. She opened her refrigerator. There was nothing to drink inside. Jane grabbed some lemons and a big pitcher. She cut the lemons in two. She filled the large pitcher with water. She squeezed the lemons into the pitcher of water. She opened her cabinet to get the sugar. She poured some sugar into the pitcher of water and lemon juice. She had made lemonade. She took a sip of the lemonade. It needed more sugar. She grabbed the bag of sugar and poured a little more. She took another sip. The lemonade tasted sweet. All it needed now was ice. She opened the refrigerator to grab some ice. There was no ice.

Coffee on a Cold Night

English Level 2

It was a cold night. The moon was bright and round. The wind blew cold through the window. Jim got up from his couch and closed it. Jim was shivering because it was cold. He rubbed his hands together. Jim went to the kitchen. He wanted to make coffee. He opened his cabinet. He grabbed the can of coffee beans. He opened the lid. He held the can up to his nose. He took a deep breath. It smelled like fresh coffee beans. Jim loved the smell of coffee. He loved drinking coffee more. He poured the beans into the coffee maker. He grabbed a pitcher and put it in under the machine. He pressed a button and it started brewing. Jim started shivering again. He moved around to warm his body. The machine took fifteen minutes to finish. Jim poured the coffee into a mug. He drank it all. The coffee warmed his body. He stopped shivering.

The Batter Takes a Swing

Super Easy Reading 1

The pitcher stands on the mound. He looks at the batter. He looks at the catcher. The catcher gives him a sign. The catcher wants a fast ball. The batter stands there. He waits for the pitch. He takes a practice swing. The pitcher winds up. He throws the ball. The batter swings. He misses.

A Cup of Coffee

Easy Reading 1

He filled the pot with water. He put the pot on the burner. He put a lid on the pot. He turned on the burner. He took a bag of coffee beans out of the cabinet. He opened the bag. He poured some beans into the grinder. He ground the beans in the grinder for about 10 seconds. He took a #6 paper filter out of the kitchen cabinet. He put the paper filter into a plastic cone. A big glass pitcher was on the kitchen counter. He put the plastic cone on top of the big glass pitcher. He poured the ground coffee from the grinder into the paper filter. He waited for the water to boil. He poured the boiling water onto the ground coffee. The aroma of coffee filled the kitchen. Mmm! It smelled so good. He couldn't wait to drink a cup of fresh, hot coffee.

The Perfect Game

Easy Reading 2

In baseball, 27 batters up and 27 batters down is a perfect game. A perfect game usually occurs less than once every five years. In 2010, two perfect games occurred in May alone. Then in June a third perfect game occurred. But there was a problem. That perfect game had an imperfect umpire. The first base umpire made a bad call. He called the 27th batter safe at first. The batter was actually out. The batter had grounded to the first baseman. He threw the ball to the pitcher at first base. The ball beat the batter by half a step. It was a routine ground out. The players knew it. The fans in the stadium knew it. The fans watching on TV knew it. Everybody knew it! Later, the first base umpire saw the TV replay. "The biggest call of my life," he said sadly, "and I blew it.