/mɔp/ us uk

Ngoại động từ

  • túi lau sàn, giẻ lau sàn
  • lau, chùi

Danh từ

  • chợ phiên mùa thu (để đến tìm thuê thợ gặt...)

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Water on the Floor

English Level 1

She is thirsty. She gets a glass of water. She begins to walk. She drops the glass. There is water on the floor. The puddle is big. She gets a mop. She wipes the water off. The floor is clean. She gets another glass of water. She drinks it. She is happy.

A Clean Church

Easy Reading 1

The janitor cleaned the church every day. He swept the floor with a broom. He mopped the floor with a mop. He vacuumed the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. He cleaned all the windows with a wet cloth. He cleaned the men's bathroom. He cleaned the women's bathroom. He cleaned the sinks in the bathrooms. He cleaned the toilets in the bathrooms. He cleaned the mirrors in the bathrooms. He scrubbed the steps outside the church. He scrubbed the steps with soapy water and a brush. He kept the steps clean. He kept the windows clean. He kept the bathrooms clean. He kept the floors clean. The steps were clean. The windows were clean. The bathrooms were clean. The floors were clean. It was a clean church.

LA Traffic Report

English Level 8

This traffic report is sponsored by Cerritos Auto Square. More people buy their car from Cerritos Auto Square than anywhere else in the world. KFWB news time, 8:01, with traffic on the ones. A cleanup is still underway from a SigAlert in Commerce, northbound at Washington Boulevard. The right lane is closed, and also the Washington onramp is closed. They're mopping up from an earlier diesel fuel spill.

We have several other problems out there right now. In Pasadena, some wooden boxes are in the #1 lane on the eastbound 210 at Lake. Be on the lookout, because the faster you're going, the quicker you'll come up on them. Eastbound 60 in Santa Fe Springs, just before Grand Ave., there's an accident. A couple of cars in the #2 lane. Then in Pacoima, 118 westbound after San Fernando Road, an injury accident. A car went over the side. It's partly hanging over the side of the freeway. CHP and emergency crews are both on the way, so watch for activity on the right shoulder.

In Vernon, 710 northbound before Bandini, watch for a broken-down car on the right shoulder. It's partly sticking into the right lane. A tow truck is en route. Finally, on the westbound 10 before Fairfax, there's a roll of carpet, a ladder, and a lawn mower in the #3 and #4 lanes.