/hə:t/ us uk

Danh từ

  • vết thương, chỗ bị đau
  • điều hại, tai hại
  • sự chạm đến, sự xúc phạm, sự làm tổn thương

Ngoại động từ

  • làm bị thương, làm đau
  • gây tác hại, gây thiệt hại, làm hư, làm hỏng
  • chạm, xúc phạm, làm tổn thương

Nội động từ

  • (thông tục) đau, bị đau
  • (thông tục) bị tổn hại, bị tổn thương, bị xúc phạm

Related Lessons

Getting Ready for Work

English Level 2

He woke up. He got out of bed. He went to the restroom and took a shower. The water was cold at first. He made it warm. He took ten minutes to shower. He stepped out of the shower. The floor became wet. He grabbed a towel. He wrapped it all around him. He went to his bathroom mirror. He saw his reflection. He looked handsome. He had grown facial hair. It was time for him to shave it. He grabbed the shaving cream and poured some in his hand. He spread the shaving cream around his face. He grabbed the razor and started shaving. He cut himself by accident. It started bleeding. He was not hurt. He washed his face and applied aftershave. He put a band-aid on his cut. The cut stung him a little. He dried himself, and started getting ready for work.

Falling and Breaking an Arm

English Level 2

He was trying to catch a bus. The bus left without him. He was running. He tripped and fell. He was lying on the sidewalk. "Are you alright?" a girl asked. He was holding his arm. His arm hurt. "I think I broke my arm," he said to the girl. The girl dialed 911. "Help is on the way," the girl said. She helped him up. He sat down on a bench. He wondered why he fell. He looked down at his shoes. His laces were untied. He always forgot to tie his shoes. He never imagined breaking his arm. He started to tear. His arm was in terrible pain. "The ambulance is coming soon," the girl said. She felt bad for the boy. She had broken her arm before. She knew how much it hurt. The ambulance arrived. The paramedics took the boy. "Thank you," he said to the girl. "You're welcome," she replied.

Learning to Roller-Skate

English Level 2

It was three o'clock. She was learning how to roller-skate. She had always wanted to learn. She could not afford to buy roller-skates before. Now, she was older. She had a job. She bought her first pair of roller-skates yesterday. It is never too late to learn anything. She was at the park. She put on protective clothing. She wore a helmet and kneepads. "Always safety first," she said to herself. She slipped on her roller-skates. She got on her feet and skated away. She held on a railing at first. It was scary wearing roller-skates. With practice, she improved. Days later, she was roller-skating naturally. It was so much fun. She tripped and fell a few times. She got up every time and tried again. She never got hurt. Her helmet and kneepads protected her from injury. Roller-skating was so much fun.

A Toothache

English Level 2

Her tooth was aching. She could not eat. It hurt every time she chewed. She could not even swallow. She knew what she had to do. She was scared. He had not gone to the dentist in years. It was time to make an appointment. She called their number. She set an appointment. It was for Friday at five o'clock. She was not looking forward to it. She hated going to the dentist. She was afraid of the pain, but she had no choice. She was already in pain. The tooth had to come out. The dentist told her the same. She sat back in the chair. The dentist gave her a pain killer. She still felt some pain. It was soon over. The tooth was removed. It no longer hurt to chew. It was a relief. She could now eat and chew without pain.

Guitar Man

English Level 2

He played the guitar. He sang the blues. It was his hobby. He was talented. Everybody told him that. He practiced all day long. His practice paid off. He was the best guitar player in town. His friends were impressed. He always carried his guitar. He carried it behind his back. He took it to the park. He sat down on a bench. He began to play. People walked by. They noticed his music. He would get tips. It was fun for him. Performing in front of others is great. He sometimes felt nervous. The feeling of excitement was greater. People called him the Guitar Man. He was known all around. It was his nickname. He played his guitar at school. He played his guitar on the train. Playing the guitar was his passion. He played until his fingers hurt. He stopped for a minute. He would start to play again.


English Level 2

It was Easter. Her family celebrated Easter. They did it for the kids. They got together at her house. They hired a costumed man to act as the Easter Bunny. The family hid eggs around the house. The kids had to find them. The Easter Bunny helped the children find the eggs. Everybody had fun. The children found treats inside the eggs. The adults had lunch in the yard. They watched over the kids. No one would get hurt. It was a safe and fun celebration. The Easter Bunny was great with kids. He played and danced around with them. Easter is a tradition. Her family celebrates it every year. Easter is a holiday. Many people celebrate Easter. It is a fun holiday.

A New Tattoo

English Level 3

Kevin Turner wanted to get a tattoo. He couldn't wait to get his first one. Tattoos are expensive. Kevin couldn't afford to go to a professional. "Don't worry," said his friend. "I know a guy who will do it for free". Kevin wasn't sure that was safe. He agreed to it anyways. Kevin asked the tattooist to draw a rose on his arm. The tattoo hurt a lot. Kevin couldn't take the pain. He shut his eyes tightly. He did not open them until the tattoo was finished. "What is that?" yelled Kevin. "It's a rose!" said the tattooist. It looked more like a rock to Kevin. He never got a free tattoo again.

The Baby Blanket

English Level 3

Betty Scott got big news. Her only son was going to have a baby. "I'm finally going to be a grandma!" she thought. Betty was very excited. She couldn't wait for the baby to arrive. "I need to get the baby something special," Betty said. She decided to make a blanket. She would knit it herself. Betty was an elderly woman. Her hands weren't as strong as they used to be. They shook a lot and hurt often. Knitting was much harder than she remembered it. Still, Betty kept working on the blanket. "Anything for the baby," she thought. Betty struggled with the blanket for many months. She finished it right before the baby was born. It was the best present the baby ever got.

Don't Be a Bully

English Level 3

Richard had always been very tall. He was the biggest boy in elementary school. He used this to be a bully. He always pushed the small kids around. He did this all through high school. Many kids hated Richard. He made many people cry. As an adult, Richard was not very successful. He always thought he would be a basketball player. However, he hurt his knee and could not play anymore. Now, Richard needed a job. Richard applied to many places. He knew all the bosses of the companies. They were the men Richard used to bully as children. Richard had a very hard time finding a job.

Getting Braces

English Level 3

Martin had very crooked teeth. His dentist wanted to fix them. "You have to get braces," he told Martin. "Your smile will be perfect!" Martin did not like this idea. He was scared of getting braces. He had heard they hurt a lot. They were also very expensive. He went to his dad to get some advice. His dad told Martin to get them. He even paid for them himself. When Martin looked at his braces in the mirror, he was unhappy. "I look ugly now!" he remarked. "Stop being ridiculous," said his dad. "You already looked that way before they put the braces on!

She Loves Walking

English Level 4

Veronica is 21 years old. She has not had a driver's license yet. Her friends make fun of her. She does not care. She loves walking. She can walk fast. She can walk for hours. She walks to school every day. She walks to work every day. She walks to the market when she needs to. She does not get tired easily. She thinks walking is very relaxing.

Running is a different story. She does not like to run. Running is tiring. Her stomach hurts when she runs. Veronica's new job is far away. She still won't get a car. She plans to take the bus.

Never Give Up

English Level 4

Kenneth is a good tennis player. He has been playing since he was 7 years old. He is now 16 years old. He competes against other players all around the country. They are also very good. He is competing against the best teen tennis player tomorrow. He is nervous. He has heard rumors about him.

The other player is named Antonio. Antonio is mean. He is very competitive. He is not afraid to hurt people. He has punched someone before. Kenneth told his dad he wanted to quit. "Why? You have been doing so well!" Kenneth's dad said. "I'm scared of Antonio," he said. "Never give up," Kenneth's dad said.

Getting Braces

English Level 4

Paul was getting braces. He was turning thirteen. His parents decided it was now a good time to get braces. Paul had an overbite. He also had very crooked teeth. Braces were expensive. He had to do it though. He scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. He was scared. He thought it would hurt.

The orthodontist looked at his teeth. He took several pictures and x-rays. He told Paul that he would start to put the braces on. Paul was scared. However, it did not hurt as much as he thought. After the orthodontist was done, Paul was relieved. He felt weird to have metal things on his teeth though. He had trouble eating. His parents bought him ice cream.

Pros and Cons

English Level 5

Brenda has to make an important decision. She got accepted to an internship in France; she also got a job offer at a hospital. She can only do one though. She made a list of pros and cons. Pros are the good things while cons are the bad things.

The internship in France was good, because Brenda always wanted to go to France. Her plane tickets and living accommodation would be paid for. The bad thing about the internship was that it had nothing to do with her life goals. The internship required her to teach French children English. Brenda was okay with children, but she didn't love them.

One pro of the job offer at the hospital was that it was good for her end goal. Brenda's end goal was to be a doctor, and the job will teach her a lot about medical school. One con of the job offer was the location. The hospital is in a dangerous place where people have to be careful of being robbed and getting hurt.

After a lot of thinking and looking at her list, Brenda decided to work at the hospital. She knew that working there would be good for her future.

A Hero

English Level 5

Joy, Samantha, and Maggie were walking around town. The weather was nice; everyone seemed happy; the girls had each other. Just when everything seemed perfect, the girls heard a scream. "That man just took my purse!" an old lady shouted. Joy ran after the man without thinking. She was a professional track runner, so she was fast. She caught up to him easily.

Hey, give that bag back!" Joy demanded. The man tried to run away, but Joy snatched the bag away from him before he could. A police officer saw the whole thing happening. "I can take it from here," he told Joy. Joy thanked him. "Next time, don't run after criminals. You might get hurt," he said.

Joy gave the bag back to the old lady. The old lady was so happy and called Joy a hero. She took out her wallet and gave Joy $50! Samantha and Maggie were impressed with Joy. “You did a great thing, Joy.” Samantha said. Joy blushed. She didn’t feel like a hero. The next day, the city newspaper wanted to do a story and interview with Joy. Joy decided to do it, because a little part of her wanted to be famous.

Bad Guy Gone Good

English Level 5

Donald is getting out of jail today after five years. He was in jail for hurting a convenience store manager. Donald had stolen food from the convenience store, and the manager ran after him. Donald punched the manager and ran away with the food. Shortly after, the police got him.

While Donald was in jail, he promised that he would change his life around if he got out of jail. He saw some scary stuff while he was in jail. Jail was a whole other world. It was almost like high school but worse. There were cliques, where the tough guys tried to scare everyone. Donald tried to stay away from trouble.

When Donald got out of jail, he smelled the fresh air. It felt great being out. He went to the convenience store he stole from. The manager saw him immediately. Donald assured him that he didn't want to hurt him. "I want to apologize for what I did. I stole food, because I was homeless. I'm not trying to make excuses for how I hurt you, though." Donald gave the manager an envelope with $1,000 inside. "I know it doesn't make up for everything, but I was saving up this money for five years in jail," Donald said. The manager gave him a hug.

Most Likeable Girl

English Level 5

Mabel was the most likeable girl in school. Teachers loved her because she was a good student who always had something to say. Boys loved her because she was so beautiful. Girls loved her because she was nice and always helped them. Her siblings loved her because she was caring. Mabel just had a good impression on everyone.

One day, a robber came to her house, stole all her money, and punched her when she tried to stop him. Mabel was devastated after that incident. She felt upset that someone would hurt her when she was a good person. When she returned to school, it was hard for her to talk to people. She started spacing out in class, sitting alone during lunch, and wearing the same clothes every day.

Mabel's friends were worried about her. They decided to go to her house to talk to her parents. Her friends explained how Mabel was acting differently in school. Mabel's parents had no idea. They talked to Mabel and told her that the robbery had nothing to do with her. Robbers just rob houses that they feel are the easiest to break into. Mabel's parents gave her a hug.

Every Day is Your Last

English Level 5

Kathy did the same thing every day, and she didn't mind too much. She wakes up at 6 a.m. every morning, eats cereal, goes to school, and then goes home. She has a few friends, but she doesn't hang out with them outside of school. Kathy usually just reads books and watches TV shows when she has free time.

Kathy was walking to school as she usually does. All of a sudden, a car hit her! Kathy was knocked out with blood everywhere. She went to the hospital, and her family and friends visited her. The doctor told them that Kathy was miraculously alive. Even though she was hurt pretty badly, she was perfectly fine. Kathy's parents and friends kissed Kathy. Kathy felt very lucky. She decided that she would live like every day was her last.

Every day, she tried to do something meaningful, and every day, she wrote in a diary. The day after getting discharged from the hospital, Kathy tried a new ice cream flavor. She usually gets vanilla, but she tried chocolate fudge and loved it. She also went skydiving. At school, Kathy started joining more clubs. In a weird way, she was glad she got hit by a car.

A New Look

English Level 5

Laura always had really long hair. It went all the way down to her back. It was difficult to maintain. It took her 20 minutes to wash her hair. It was also hard for her to exercise since her hair was always flying around everywhere. Laura decided to cut her hair all the way to her ear. She wanted very short hair. She also wanted to donate her hair to cancer patients. Laura always felt strongly about cancer. Her mom died from breast cancer.

The hair stylist asked Laura if she was sure that she wanted to cut her hair. Laura nodded. When the hair stylist was finished, Laura looked down to the floor. There was so much hair! Laura couldn't wait to go to school and show off her new look. When Laura met up with her friends, they looked shocked. "What do you think?" she asked. Her friends were silent. "It looks good," one of them said. He was lying.

During lunch time, Laura overheard one of the mean girls say that no guy would ever want to date her because of her manly hair cut. Laura was hurt, but she didn't care, because she knew that she cut her hair for a good cause.

Not So Average

English Level 7

Julia always felt average. She did not have any special talents, but she also was not bad at anything in particular. She always got Bs in class. She was neither fat nor skinny. She could run a mile, but not much more. Most people felt neutral about her. She wore nice clothes, but nothing unique. She wanted to be better than average at something, but whenever she tried, she fell short. When she took an advanced math class, she found herself struggling. She joined the basketball team, but she was not very good.

As Julia was walking to school, she suddenly felt something in her head. It didn't hurt, so it was not a headache. All of a sudden, she saw a cat stuck in a tree in her mind. It was almost like a vision. That was weird, she thought. She continued walking to school. Then, she saw a cat like the one in her vision. It climbed up the tall tree and could not come back down. It was stuck! Julia realized that she could see the future.

Julia would get her visions randomly. She wished she could control it, but she could not. Sometimes she would get five a day and other times she would get them every two weeks. Julia loved her visions though. She felt that it was a special power that gave her advantages. One time she had a vision that her friend was going to die in a car accident, so Julia made her friend not drive that day. Julia did not tell anyone about her visions. She felt like people would not believe her.

Lactose Intolerant

English Level 7

Rose is lactose intolerant, which means that she is allergic to dairy products. Dairy products include milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. Rose hates that she cannot eat ice cream without getting a stomachache. It is something she has to deal with, though. She is okay with not eating things like cheese and milk. When Rose eats dairy products, she will get a really bad stomachache. They would be so bad to the point where she could not walk.

One day in class, Rose's classmate was giving everyone noodles. Rose took a bite. It was pretty good! She had never tried anything like it before. A few minutes after she finished it, however, her stomach started hurting. Did the noodles have milk in it? Noodles did not usually have milk in it. Rose asked her classmate what was in it. He said there was a little bit of milk. Rose got mad at him. "Hey, I didn't know you were lactose intolerant!" he said. Rose could not get out of her chair.

At the end of the class, Mr. Thompson asked Rose if she could move. "I literally cannot move," she said. Mr. Thompson stayed in the class until 6 p.m., which was when her stomach stopped hurting. Rose thanked Mr. Thompson for staying with her. Rose went back home and promised that she would ask about the ingredients before eating anything!

Getting Contact Lenses

English Level 7

Linda has been wearing glasses since she was four years old. She has never liked them. She thought that glasses made her look too nerdy. She felt ugly in them. People called her Four Eyes when she was little. Not that many four-year-olds wore glasses. Every year Linda would beg her parents for contact lenses. Every year they just told her that she was not ready. They were afraid that her eyes were going to get infected.

However, Linda's parents surprised her by taking her to the optometrist. After testing Linda's vision, the doctor gave her a sample pair to wear. She put the contact lens on one finger and put it near her eye. She was nervous. "Don't be scared. It won't hurt you," the doctors said. It took Linda ten tries to get the contacts inside her eyes. It felt weird and amazing! She could actually see clearly without her glasses.

At school, everyone kept asking what happened to her glasses. Linda realized that people knew her for her glasses. They could barely recognize her. She kept getting compliments and loved it. Linda also started wearing makeup since people could see her eyes more easily. She was getting more attention from the popular guys and girls at school. She started hanging out with them. Linda's old friends got mad at her. She apologized and asked the popular kids if her old friends can join them. They said no. Linda decided to leave the popular group.

Sean Wanted to Change His Name

English Level 7

Sean never liked his name. People always made fun of him for it. They always said "Seen." People would make so many jokes about his name. A lot of them said, "Hey, have you seen Seen?" Sean asked his parents why they gave him that name. They said it sounded nice. "Why did you spell it that way though?" he asked. His parents said "Sean" was the usual spelling. "Yeah, but people still keep making fun of me," he said. "Your name is great. Your classmates are just immature," his mom said.

Sean looked into changing names. He always liked the name "Brandon." He told his parents that he wanted to change his name. They were hurt that he didn't like his name. They told him that if he wanted to change his name, he would have to pay for it himself. They also told him that they would continue calling him Sean. Sean thought that was okay since they were his parents.

Sean filled out the petition and did the necessary steps to change his name. At school, Sean told everyone to call him Brandon. Unfortunately, only the teachers accepted his request. Sean realized that his classmates have known him too long as Sean. It was too hard for them to call him Brandon.

The Paperboy

Super Easy Reading 2

Billy is the paperboy in his town. He rides on his bike every day from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. He throws a newspaper at every house he passes by. He loves his job. He loves it because he loves to ride his bike. He loves it because he loves the fact that everyone in town knows him. He gets a decent amount of money, too. He met his girlfriend while he was working. Two years ago, he accidentally threw a newspaper on her head. It looked like it hurt! He got off his bike. He checked on her. She said it was okay. He thought she was beautiful. The rest was history.

A Shot in the Arm

Easy Reading 1

Lucy went to the doctor. She didn't feel good. The doctor asked, "What's the problem? What's the matter?" She said she didn't feel right. "Do you hurt? Where do you hurt?" the doctor asked. She said that she hurt all over. She hurt everywhere. She hurt all over her body. The doctor said, "You have a big problem. I will fix your problem." The doctor gave Lucy a shot. He gave her a shot in her left arm. "Do you feel better now?" he asked her. "No," she said, "now my left arm hurts a lot.