/'kæbinit/ us uk

Danh từ

  • tủ (có nhiều ngăn, đựng đồ đạc quý)
  • vỏ (máy thu thanh, máy ghi âm)
  • nội các, chính phủ
  • phòng riêng

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Lemonade on a Hot Day

English Level 2

It was a hot day. The sun was shining in the sky. The air was sticky. It was a Sunday afternoon. Jane was thirsty. She went to the kitchen to get a drink. She opened her refrigerator. There was nothing to drink inside. Jane grabbed some lemons and a big pitcher. She cut the lemons in two. She filled the large pitcher with water. She squeezed the lemons into the pitcher of water. She opened her cabinet to get the sugar. She poured some sugar into the pitcher of water and lemon juice. She had made lemonade. She took a sip of the lemonade. It needed more sugar. She grabbed the bag of sugar and poured a little more. She took another sip. The lemonade tasted sweet. All it needed now was ice. She opened the refrigerator to grab some ice. There was no ice.

Coffee on a Cold Night

English Level 2

It was a cold night. The moon was bright and round. The wind blew cold through the window. Jim got up from his couch and closed it. Jim was shivering because it was cold. He rubbed his hands together. Jim went to the kitchen. He wanted to make coffee. He opened his cabinet. He grabbed the can of coffee beans. He opened the lid. He held the can up to his nose. He took a deep breath. It smelled like fresh coffee beans. Jim loved the smell of coffee. He loved drinking coffee more. He poured the beans into the coffee maker. He grabbed a pitcher and put it in under the machine. He pressed a button and it started brewing. Jim started shivering again. He moved around to warm his body. The machine took fifteen minutes to finish. Jim poured the coffee into a mug. He drank it all. The coffee warmed his body. He stopped shivering.

Making Scrambled Eggs

English Level 2

She woke up one morning and felt hungry. She did not eat anything last night. She got out of bed, and walked into her kitchen. The kitchen was clean. She thought about what to eat for breakfast. She opened her refrigerator and took out a carton of eggs. She opened her cabinet, and reached for a bowl. She cracked four eggs into the bowl. She stirred the eggs with a spoon. She turned on the stove, and placed a pan on the stove. She turned the knob on the stove. The fire was lit. She grabbed a stick of butter from the fridge. She tossed the butter on the hot pan. She grabbed the bowl of eggs and threw them on the pan. She scrambled them with a spatula. The eggs cooked in minutes. They smelled delicious.

She Bought a Gallon of Milk

English Level 4

Allison wanted to eat breakfast. She took a bowl from the sink. She opened the cabinet. There were 10 different cereal boxes. She got her favorite cereal box. It was the sugary kind. She poured the cereal into her bowl. She opened the refrigerator. She grabbed the milk carton. She poured the milk into the bowl.

There was only a little bit of milk though. It was not enough for her cereal. She couldn't eat cereal without milk. She groaned. She drove to the market. It was closed. She drove to another market. It was far, but it was open. She bought a gallon of milk. Finally, she could have a good breakfast.

What's in the Boxes?

Super Easy Reading 1

There are boxes on the floor. She opens a box. There are books in the box. She takes out the books. She puts the books on the bookshelf. She opens another box. There are plates in the box. She takes out the plates. She puts them in the kitchen cabinet.

Two Aspirin

Easy Reading 1

Lois has a headache. The headache started one hour ago. She doesn't know why she has a headache. She never gets headaches. She never gets sick. Lois is a healthy woman. Where did her headache come from? Was it something she ate? Was it something she drank? She doesn't know. She wants her headache to go away. She does not like to take medicine. But her head hurts so much. She went into her bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet. She found some aspirin. She took two aspirin with a glass of water. Maybe the aspirin will help her headache go away.

More Milk

Easy Reading 1

Liz looked at the round plastic container. The plastic container was empty. There was no milk in the container. Liz wanted to drink some milk. But she was out of milk. She needed to make more milk. She opened the cabinet. She grabbed a box of powdered milk. She opened the box. She took the lid off the round plastic container. Liz poured some powder into the container. She filled up the container with cold water. She put the lid back on the container. Liz shook the container hard. She shook it and shook it. She poured some cold milk into a glass. She drank the cold milk in the glass.

A Cup of Coffee

Easy Reading 1

He filled the pot with water. He put the pot on the burner. He put a lid on the pot. He turned on the burner. He took a bag of coffee beans out of the cabinet. He opened the bag. He poured some beans into the grinder. He ground the beans in the grinder for about 10 seconds. He took a #6 paper filter out of the kitchen cabinet. He put the paper filter into a plastic cone. A big glass pitcher was on the kitchen counter. He put the plastic cone on top of the big glass pitcher. He poured the ground coffee from the grinder into the paper filter. He waited for the water to boil. He poured the boiling water onto the ground coffee. The aroma of coffee filled the kitchen. Mmm! It smelled so good. He couldn't wait to drink a cup of fresh, hot coffee.

Change a Light Bulb

Easy Reading 2

He turned on the light switch. The hall light went on. Then he heard a popping sound because the light bulb blew out. It was time to change the bulb. He went into the kitchen. He opened a kitchen cabinet. He looked at five different light bulbs. One of them was 100 watts. That was the one he needed. He went back into the hall. He unscrewed three screws. These screws held the glass globe in place. The globe protected the light bulb. He removed the glass globe. He looked into the bottom of it. A dead bug was in the bottom. He put the bug into the trash. He unscrewed the old light bulb. He shook it. It made a noise. He screwed in the new light bulb. He replaced the globe. He screwed in the three screws. The light went on. He threw out the old bulb.


Easy Reading 2

She called the landlord. Her apartment was full of roaches. Roaches were everywhere. They were under the kitchen sink. They were in the kitchen cabinets. They were on the kitchen counters. They were in the oven. They were on the stove. She turned on the gas. The roaches ran from the hot flames. She sprayed her apartment every month. She used two cans of bug spray a month. First she opened all the windows. Then she sprayed everywhere. The apartment stunk of roach spray. The stink gave her a headache. Finally the landlord came. He looked around the apartment. He saw roaches everywhere. Adult roaches and baby roaches. Teenage roaches. He said, "Boy, you weren't kidding. You sure have a lot of roaches." She said, "I know that! What are you going to do about it?" He said, "Don't worry. I'm calling the bug man. He will put a big tent over the whole building. Then he will spray the whole building. He will spray the whole building with roach spray. The tent will cover the building for a month. Then all the roaches will be dead. Your problem will be solved." "Oh, that's great," she said. "But where will I live for a month?" The landlord said, "That's a big problem. I don't know where you will live. Do you have any friends? Maybe you can live with them.

Laundry Day

English Level 8

Saturday morning meant one thing for Susan—doing the laundry. She hated doing the laundry. Unenthusiastically, she took the pillow cases off all the pillows. Then she removed the fitted sheet from the mattress. She took the towel off the towel bar in the bathroom.

She grabbed a couple of dirty dish towels out of the kitchen, and looked all around her apartment for anything else that needed washing.

In the corner of her living room, a can of coins sat on top of the file cabinet. She fished out seven quarters. She opened the cabinet under her kitchen sink and grabbed a plastic bottle of liquid detergent.

Finally, she set her electronic timer for 35 minutes. The timer would remind her that the washing was done, and that it was time to go back downstairs and put the clothes into the dryer for 40 minutes. Without the timer, Susan would completely forget to check her clothes.

Susan carried the laundry basket downstairs. How happy she would be when her laundry was done for this week. As she approached the laundry room, she heard a familiar sound. The sound was the washer washing and the dryer drying. One of her neighbors had got there before her. Muttering, Susan took her basket back upstairs.

The Light Eater (1)

English Level 8

Oscar hadn't eaten all day, but that was okay. Many scientific studies have concluded that the less people eat, the longer they live. These studies are based on experiments with mice and other small animals, so maybe the conclusions don't apply to humans. But maybe they do. Oscar wanted to live to be 100. So, years ago, he had cut back from three meals a day to two. Occasionally, he ate only one meal a day. The fewer meals Oscar ate, the less guilty he felt about not exercising.

It was 11 p.m. Oscar peeled and ate a banana. He filled a pot with water, put the pot on the stovetop, and turned on the gas. Then he sliced six radishes, salted them lightly, and ate them. Then he washed and ate two celery stalks. After that, he ate a half cup of assorted nuts. He loved the pecans best, although they were the fewest in the assortment. He sliced a lemon in half, and then used a squeezer to squeeze all the lemon juice into an empty cup. When the water in the pot began to boil, he grabbed a box of pasta from the cabinet.

Water Under the Sink

English Level 6

The 36-year-old bachelor ate his usual lunch at home. He had an apple, a ham sandwich with a sliced dill pickle, a bowl of chicken noodle soup with a couple of soda crackers, and a small candy bar, all washed down with an eight-ounce glass of milk.

After he finished breakfast, Ed put everything in the sink, poured a little dishwashing soap onto a Teflon pad, and scrubbed the soup bowl, the sandwich plate, and the milk glass. Then he switched on the garbage disposal to grind up the few bits of food that he had scraped off his plate. He left the kitchen to go brush his teeth. But he felt something wet on his bare foot. Sure enough, he looked down and saw some water on the kitchen carpet. "What is this?" he said aloud.

Opening the cabinet door under the sink, he saw no dripping water. He went to the closet and got a flashlight. When he shined the light into the cabinet under the sink, he saw drops of water on the sides of the dark blue steel cylinder. It looked like he had a leaky garbage disposal. To test his theory, he turned on the switch, and a stream of water flowed out of a seam onto the cabinet floor and then onto the kitchen carpet. Ed had a problem, but he didn't have time to fix it now. He had to run some errands. He put some tape over the switch so he couldn't accidentally turn the disposal on again.

Water Under the Sink

English Level 6

Ed came home from his errands and put the groceries into the cupboard and the refrigerator. He grabbed a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers from his toolbox. In the kitchen, he got down on his hands and knees and turned on the flashlight. After a couple of minutes of looking, he decided what to do. He had never opened up a disposal before, but there is a first time for everything.

The cylindrical disposal was about 7 inches in diameter and had a horizontal seam dividing the top half from the bottom half. The halves were held together by three screws. Ed jiggled the bottom half of the disposal; it was loose because two of the three screws were corroded. Only one screw was still doing its duty. Ed unscrewed it.

The bottom half of the disposal was now lying on the cabinet floor. Ed thought for sure that it would be full of months-old food, but there was no food, only a hardened, torn, useless gasket. The next day Ed went to the hardware store to buy some screws and a new gasket. The employee told him that they did not carry those gaskets and suggested that he write to the manufacturer. Ed returned home. He created his own gasket by using gasket sealant that comes in a tube. He applied the sealant, screwed the two halves back together, and crossed his fingers.

The next day he turned on the water and switched on the disposal. When he saw the water pouring out of the seam, Ed knew one thing: it was time to buy a new disposal. The good thing was that new disposals started at $79. The bad thing was that it would have to be installed by a plumber. Plumber rates started at about $80 an hour. Ed decided that since the disposal used a lot of energy and the world needed to use less energy, from now on he would put his scraps into the kitchen garbage bag. He reminded himself to tell everyone at work tomorrow about how he was now helping to solve the world's energy problems.