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Danh từ

  • sự cắn, sự ngoạm, miếng cắn, vết cắn
  • sự châm, sự đốt, nốt đốt (muỗi, ong...)
  • miếng (thức ăn), thức ăn
  • sự đau nhức, sự nhức nhối của vết thương
  • sự cắn câu (cá...)
  • sự bám chắt, sự ăn sâu (mỏ neo, phanh, đinh ốc...)
  • vị cay tê (gừng, hạt tiêu...)
  • (nghĩa bóng) sự châm biếm, sự chua cay (lời nói)
  • cỏ cho vật nuôi

Động từ

  • cắn, ngoạm
  • châm đốt, đâm vào (gươm...)
  • làm đau, làm nhột, ăn mòn, làm cay tê (thức ăn)
  • cắn câu ((nghĩa đen), (nghĩa bóng))
  • bám chắt, ăn sâu, bắt vào
  • (nghĩa bóng) lừa bịp

Related Lessons

Banana Nut Muffin

English Level 1

Mary goes to the store. The store is very big. The store sells bakery goods. Mary sees a carrot cake. She does not like carrots. She sees a banana nut muffin. It looks good. It costs two dollars. She buys it. She takes the wrapper off. She takes a big bite. It is crunchy on the outside. It is soft on the inside.

Fruit Shop

English Level 1

Carol walks to the store. The store sells fruits. The fruits are colorful. Strawberries and apples are red. Tangerines and pumpkins are orange. Lemons are yellow. Limes are green. Blueberries are blue. Grapes and plums are purple. Carol's favorite color is purple. She buys a plum. She leaves the store. She bites the plum. It is tasty.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

English Level 1

She wants to make a peanut butter sandwich. It is easy to make. She goes to the market. She buys what she needs. She goes back home. She goes to the kitchen. She takes out a knife, and puts it in the peanut butter jar. She spreads the peanut butter on two slices of bread. She puts the slices together, and takes a bite.

Camping Time

English Level 3

It was summer again, a camping season. Andrew Lee hated this time of the year. The rest of his family loved it. Andrew hated the bugs. He'd always go home itchy from the mosquito bites. He also hated the sleeping bags. They did not keep him warm. He would stay up all night freezing. Most of all, he hated the bears. He was always afraid of being attacked by bears. His father told Andrew to quit complaining. He gave him bug spray and a blanket. Then he took Andrew out for a walk in the woods. They lied down and spent the night looking up at the sky. The stars were beautiful. Andrew decided that camping wasn't that bad.

Bob Lost 50 Pounds

English Level 4

Bob had been exercising every day for a year. He had also been eating healthy. He wanted to see how much weight he lost. He stepped on the scale. He closed his eyes. He was scared. What if he gained weight? He opened his eyes slowly. He looked down. He smiled. He lost 50 pounds. He jumped up and down. He wanted to celebrate.

He went to his favorite burger place. He ordered the jumbo size. He felt bad at first, but he deserved it. He ordered a large size of fries. He used five ketchup packets. He took his first bite. It tasted so good. He would be healthy again tomorrow.

Fried Eggs

English Level 4

Cynthia decided to make eggs for her daughter's birthday because it is her favorite food. She woke up her daughter. Her daughter rubbed her eyes and yawned. Cynthia hugged her and said happy birthday. She gave her a food tray. There were bacon, pancakes, and eggs, of course. Cynthia's daughter looked at the eggs and said, "What is this?

It's eggs, silly. Your favorite," Cynthia said. "It doesn't look the same," her daughter said. Cynthia explained that you could make eggs in many different ways. Her daughter had only ever eaten them scrambled. Cynthia fried the eggs this time. Her daughter took a small bite. "Delicious!" she said.

Chocolate Is Too Sweet

English Level 4

Susie likes to eat chocolate. She really likes chocolate with caramel. Her mom gives her a chocolate bar. Susie is happy. She bites the bar. It is tasty. She starts to get thirsty. The chocolate is too sweet. "Mom, can you get me a drink?" she asks. Her mom gives her a drink. Susie drinks it. It is chocolate milk.

Too sweet!" Susie yells. "You never said what kind of drink you wanted," her mom says. Susie gets up from her seat. She grabs a water bottle. She drinks a lot of water. "Much better," she says. She continues eating the chocolate.

The Addiction

English Level 5

Yvonne is addicted to biting her nails. She doesn't know how it started. She has been biting her nails since she was four years old. She bites her nails when she is not doing anything with her hands; she bites her nails when listening to her professor or waiting in line. People around her are grossed out by her habit, but Yvonne can't help it.

Her addiction is getting worse. Yvonne now has an infection on the tips of her fingers. Her fingernails are also yellow. When Yvonne noticed all this, she realized that she needed to make a big change. Yvonne decided to paint her nails to stop herself from biting them since she doesn't want to bite on the nail polish.

Yvonne was in class listening to a boring lecture, which made her want to bite her nails. She looked at her blue nails and stopped herself. Ten minutes later, she looked at her nails again. She started sweating and tapping her foot. The girl sitting next to her asked if she was okay. Yvonne couldn't take it anymore. She just had to bite her nails again.

Fireball Wings

English Level 5

Lillian loves spicy food. She has a high tolerance for it, which means that she can eat a lot of it without suffering. Sometimes, she even adds more chili to spicy food! Lillian and her friends decide to try the Fireball Wings at a popular chicken wing place in their town. The Fireball Wings were supposed to be so spicy that you could still feel the burn after one hour of eating a bite.

Lillian and her friends had to sign a waiver to eat the wings so that they couldn't sue the business if they had any health problems after eating the wings. Lillian was excited. Finally the plate of wings came in, and everyone could smell the chilli. One of her friends sneezed because the smell was so strong.

Lillian took the first bite. It was hot! She started panting and breathing heavily. She drank some water, but it was still hot. Her friends ordered some milk for her. Milk is supposed to be good for dealing with spicy food. Lillian drank two glasses of milk, but her mouth was still burning. Her friends decided not to eat the wings, because if Lillian couldn't handle it, then they surely wouldn't!

Cash Only

English Level 5

Eduardo went to a restaurant. It was a "hole in the wall," meaning it wasn't a nice place. The restaurant was known for having delicious, authentic Japanese food. All the employees there were related to each other. Sometimes the service was slow, but that's because all the food is made fresh. The cooks make the food only when the customer orders it.

Eduardo sat down. The table was dirty, but Eduardo didn't mind. The server asked him what he wanted to order. Eduardo ordered a salmon roll. It came out in fifteen minutes. Eduardo took his first bite. It was delicious. When the check came out, Eduardo put his credit card down. The server told him the place was "cash only." Eduardo asked if he could go to the nearest bank. The server said that he couldn't trust him. Eduardo swore he would come back. The server still didn't let him leave.

Eduardo first called his sister to help him. His sister was at work, so she couldn't come until night time. Eduardo called his best friend Mason. Mason was in the area, so he said okay. Mason came down and paid for Eduardo's meal.

The Extreme Burger

English Level 7

Roberto could eat a lot because he had a big appetite. He ate five meals a day. The average person eats three meals a day. Roberto exercised a lot though. He was a big, muscular guy. He swam and played football, too. He always ordered the most food when he ate out with his friends and family.

At Fatty Hatty, there was a burger eating challenge. If you could finish the entire Extreme Burger in 10 minutes, you would win a $300 gift card. "Hey Roberto, why don't you try the challenge?" his friend asked. Roberto had certainly thought about it before. The truth was, it just seemed too much even for him. The Extreme Burger included 10 beef patties, chicken strips, hot dogs, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and much more. Roberto could probably eat half of that, but not the whole thing.

Come on, Roberto! Do it! Are you scared?" his friend teased. Whenever someone told Roberto he could not do something, he had to prove them wrong. Roberto called over the waiter and asked for the Extreme Burger. Everyone at the restaurant surrounded Roberto. He felt nervous. "In 3-2-1 go!" the waiter said. Roberto started eating. The first ten bites were good, but then he started to get sick. The crowd kept cheering and that motivated Roberto. Nine minutes had passed and Roberto was down to his last bite. He took the last piece and swallowed it. The crowd cheered. Roberto felt proud. He not only proved his friend wrong, but got a gift card for one of his favorite restaurants.

Lactose Intolerant

English Level 7

Rose is lactose intolerant, which means that she is allergic to dairy products. Dairy products include milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. Rose hates that she cannot eat ice cream without getting a stomachache. It is something she has to deal with, though. She is okay with not eating things like cheese and milk. When Rose eats dairy products, she will get a really bad stomachache. They would be so bad to the point where she could not walk.

One day in class, Rose's classmate was giving everyone noodles. Rose took a bite. It was pretty good! She had never tried anything like it before. A few minutes after she finished it, however, her stomach started hurting. Did the noodles have milk in it? Noodles did not usually have milk in it. Rose asked her classmate what was in it. He said there was a little bit of milk. Rose got mad at him. "Hey, I didn't know you were lactose intolerant!" he said. Rose could not get out of her chair.

At the end of the class, Mr. Thompson asked Rose if she could move. "I literally cannot move," she said. Mr. Thompson stayed in the class until 6 p.m., which was when her stomach stopped hurting. Rose thanked Mr. Thompson for staying with her. Rose went back home and promised that she would ask about the ingredients before eating anything!

A Butterfinger Candy Bar

Super Easy Reading 1

She looks at the candy bar. It says Butterfinger on the wrapper. She takes off the wrapper. She throws it into the trashcan. She bites into the candy. She chews it. It tastes good. She swallows it. She takes another bite. Soon the candy bar is all gone. Nothing remains except the wrapper.

He Is a Vampire

Super Easy Reading 1

He is a vampire. He needs human blood. He sucks blood from humans. He bites their necks and sucks their blood. He sleeps during the day. He fears sunlight. He fears crosses. He fears garlic. He sleeps in a coffin. He leaves his coffin at night. He searches for victims.

PB & J Sandwiches

Super Easy Reading 2

Ruth eats a lot of PB & J sandwiches. ""PB"" stands for peanut butter; ""J"" stands for jelly. It is really easy to make. It is tasty, too. She puts two slices of bread in the toaster. She takes the bread out after it is ready. The corners are burnt. She likes it like that. She scoops out some peanut butter with a knife. She spreads some peanut butter on one slice of bread. She scoops out some jelly with a knife. She spreads some of it on the other slice of bread. She puts the two slices together. She takes a bite.

Water and an Apple

Easy Reading 1

Susan likes to eat apples. She likes to eat big red apples. She likes to wear a blue hat. She wears a big blue hat on her head. She wears a hat and eats an apple. She drinks some water from a white cup. Susan drinks water and eats apples. She doesn't cut the apple with a knife. A knife is sharp. She just eats the apple. She holds the apple in her hand. She bites into the apple with her teeth. She licks her lips. She drinks more water. She wipes her mouth with her hand.

Red Spots

Easy Reading 1

He looked in the mirror. What were all those red spots on his face? Every morning he had fresh red spots on his face. Were they insect bites? Were insects biting him at night? What were those red spots? They would usually disappear in a few hours. Then his face would look normal. It would look like a normal face. It would have no red spots. But every morning, he had an ugly face. All those red spots! What was happening at night? Was it his pillow? Was something in his pillow? Was something in his pillow making the red spots? He would buy a new pillow. Maybe his pillow was the problem.

Let's Go Fishing

Easy Reading 1

They walked onto the dock. They got into the boat. They had all their fishing gear. They were going fishing. They loved to go fishing. Sometimes they caught a lot of fish. Sometimes they caught a couple of fish. Sometimes they caught no fish. But fishing was fun even if they caught no fish. The boat left the dock. The boat stopped in the middle of the lake. Everyone put worms on their hooks. Some people put live worms on their hooks. Some people put dead worms on their hooks. Some people put rubber worms on their hooks. Everyone dropped their hooks into the water. Then they waited. They waited for the fish to bite the worms.

Make Some Toast

Easy Reading 2

She took a bagel out of the package. She took a knife out of the drawer. She sliced the bagel in half. She sliced it carefully, because a bagel is hard to cut. If the knife slipped, she might cut her finger. She put each half of the bagel into the toaster. She pushed the toaster handle down. One minute later, both bagel slices popped up. She buttered each slice. Then she put the slices into the microwave. She microwaved the slices for 15 seconds. She waited a few seconds for the slices to cool down. Then she bit into a slice. It was hot and chewy. It was delicious. She dipped it into her coffee. She took another bite. Now it was wet and chewy.

Something's Biting Him

Easy Reading 2

Joe went to the doctor. He had red bites all over his body. He had red bites on his face. He had red bites on his chest. He had red bites on his back. He had red bites on his legs. But he didn't have red bites on his feet or hands. "Why don't you have red bites on your feet? Why don't you have red bites on your hands?" Dr. Brown asked. "I don't know. I am the patient. You are the doctor. Why do I have red bites all over my body?" asked Joe. Dr. Brown said Joe had fleas. "You have fleas," Dr. Brown said. "Do you have a dog?" Joe said he didn't have a dog. "Then get a dog," said Dr. Brown. "Why should I get a dog?" Joe asked. "Because then the fleas will bite the dog instead of you," said Dr. Brown.

Catch Some Fish

Easy Reading 2

Let's go fishing," said the father. "That's a good idea," said the mother. They put the kids into the car. They put the fishing rods into the car. They put the jar of worms into the car. They drove to the lake. The lake was huge. The name of the lake was Yellow Lake. It had yellow sand all around it. The sand looked like gold. But it wasn't gold. It was only sand. They parked the car. They got out of the car. They sat down on the sand. They put the worms on the hooks. They put the hooks into the water. They waited for the fish to bite the bait. They waited 30 minutes. Then one of the kids caught a fish. It was a trout. It was a rainbow trout. It had many colors, like a rainbow. But its belly was white. They took the trout off the hook. They put the trout into a bucket of water. The trout swam around in tiny circles. It was confused. Where did the big lake go? They caught three more trout. Then they went home. They had delicious fried fish for dinner. "Can we go fishing every day?" the kids asked their parents.

What's That Smell?

Easy Reading 2

It was a warm, sunny day. She put a hat on to keep the sun out of her eyes. She needed to visit her bank. She walked down to the corner. There were four buildings at the intersection. One was her bank. Opposite the bank was a fast food restaurant. The other two buildings were a dry cleaner and an office building. Before she arrived at the corner, she could smell the fried chicken. The restaurant was open seven days a week, and the odor of fried chicken was in the neighborhood daily. She was a vegetarian. She used to eat meat and fish. But that was before she found a dead cat in her dumpster one day. Of course, she had smelled the dead cat before she opened the dumpster lid. Everyone knows the smell of dead flesh. She knew that something in the dumpster was dead, but she didn't know what. Just in case it was a human (some people dump their babies into dumpsters), she opened the lid. She saw the cat. Flies covered most of it. They were enjoying their meal. She loved cats. She had two of her own. A week later at a restaurant, she ordered a hamburger. She took one bite out of it, and almost gagged. She spit it out. All she could think about was the smell of that dead cat. That was the day she became a vegetarian.

Who Ordered the Scallops?

English Level 8

Why don't you ever take me out to dinner?" Ginger screamed. "All my girlfriends go out to dinner with their boyfriends at least once a week. They go to nice restaurants and they have a good time. Then they call me up the next day and brag about what a nice time they had. They make me sick! And so do you, you cheapskate!

This was not the first time she had had this conversation with Barney. He replied, "How many times have I told you that I don't trust restaurant food? All you have to do is watch these specials on TV news occasionally to see what's going on in the kitchen. When you see how the cooks don't wash after using the bathroom, how they sweat into your food while it's cooking, how they touch every bite of your food with their hands--and who knows what else you DON'T see--then you'd agree with me.

You exaggerate," she yelled. "Not all restaurants are like that—only a few!" He told her that even a few was one too many for him.

Well, one more week without going to a restaurant is going to be one too many for me, buster," she warned. "Lester takes Heidi out three times a week. She has the life." Okay, okay, Barney surrendered. He promised to take her out that Friday night to the best sushi place in town.

The next evening Ginger's best friend called. "Did you hear about Heidi? She almost died!" she wailed. Heidi was still in the hospital. She had been taken to the emergency room that morning because of the bad scallops she had eaten at the most exclusive restaurant in Pasadena the night before.

A Walk in the Wild

English Level 8

Bill parked his car on the residential street. The street used to be safe, but now there were frequent reports in the weekly paper about break-ins. He put The Club on his steering wheel and made sure that nothing of value—not even a pair of cheap sunglasses—was visible through the car windows.

He got out of the car and started the uphill walk. The mountain trail was mostly narrow for the first two miles. Only two people could walk side by side. When the trail got close to the edge of the mountainside, it was best if people walked single file. Several years ago, an experienced hiker, walking alone, slipped and fell to his death. The trail went past a small lake created by a dam, and then broadened as it went up into the heart of the mountain, away from cliffs. When Bill got to First Camp, he stopped by the small stream to look for fish or frogs. Suddenly, he heard a sinister rattling sound. Then, he felt a sharp bite on his calf. He turned around in time to see a rattler slithering off.

There was nothing to do now but walk back down to his car. He had no cell phone with him. He would remember to bring it next time, if there was a next time. Should he walk slowly, so the poison would spread slowly? Or should he walk fast, so he could get to his car and get medical help faster? Perhaps he'd meet someone on the way down.

A simple walk, he thought. It was just going to be a simple walk up a mountain trail.

Stop Selling Those Bunnies

English Level 8

An animal rights group in Phoenix, Arizona is gathering signatures to present to the president of PetsRUs, a nationwide store that sells pet accessories and small pets. "They said they would never sell dogs, cats, or rabbits," said activist Barbara Walters. "Now they're selling rabbits, and it's only a matter of time before they start selling cats and dogs.

She said that there are already too many rabbits in shelters, along with too many cats and dogs. People can get all the rabbits, cats, and dogs that they want at any local shelter, she advised. In addition, she warned that rabbits make terrible pets: they scratch, they bite, they're not people friendly, they don't like to be held or petted, they multiply like "well, like rabbits," and they're high maintenance. She said that people no sooner buy a rabbit than a month or two later they take it out to a field and release it. These house-reared rabbits often die quickly in the wild, she said. Finally, she said, there are plenty of small, independent pet shops that already sell rabbits, so it's not like there's a lack of places to get these so-called pets.

A spokesman said that this was only a trial program for PetsRUs. The Phoenix store was the only store in the state that was selling rabbits. He said that a market survey showed a demand for rabbits, and that PetsRUs was merely trying to satisfy customer needs. If sales were slow, he said, the trial program would probably end. "I don't know what the problem is," he said. "Rabbits are cute, they don't bark, and they eat all the vegetables that your kids refuse to eat.