Super Easy Reading 1

100 short stories, simple present tense

1. What's in the Boxes? 2. He Sells Purses 3. She Goes to Bed 4. A Letter from Europe 5. She Models Expensive Clothes 6. She Burps the Baby 7. His School Secret 8. He Skates on the Pond 9. A Sharp Pocketknife 10. He Goes to the Lake 11. He Is a Bus Driver 12. He Buys Ballpoint Pens 13. His Imaginary Friend 14. She Gets Ready for the Beach 15. She Finds the Remote 16. She Gets Health Insurance 17. He Goes to the Bridge 18. He Checks Off Each Item 19. She Rubs Her Foot 20. He Climbs Tall Buildings 21. Her Sweet Boyfriend 22. She Goes to the Pool 23. She Takes the Elevator Up 24. Bubblegum on His Face 25. He Eats Green Watermelons 26. He Thinks About Bad Things 27. She Likes the House 28. The Blimp in the Sky 29. Her Electric Wheelchair 30. He Gets Dressed 31. He Takes the Elevator 32. He Takes a Shower 33. A Brown Spider 34. Many People Enjoy the Park 35. One Banana Is Just Right 36. He Takes the DMV Test 37. A New Bulb in the Bathroom 38. He Sits on the Steps 39. He Shoots the Basketball 40. Fish in the Aquarium 41. She Delivers the Mail 42. She Buys Lottery Tickets 43. He Works in a Bank 44. Shoppers Buy Christmas Gifts 45. She Makes the Bed 46. He Waters the Plant 47. Rake Leaves in the Fall 48. A Good Book for a Rainy Day 49. She Makes Coffee 50. She Sells Mangoes 51. She Buys a New Dress 52. Take out the Trash 53. A Yellow Leaf 54. She Gets a New Tattoo 55. He Flies into a Building 56. She Has Happy Thoughts 57. They Run up the Stairs 58. They Decide To Marry 59. The Sand and the Waves 60. She Plays the Piano 61. Dishes in the Sink 62. She Sweeps the Floor 63. Wedding Purchases 64. He Waits for the Bus 65. She Goes to the Dentist 66. A Laptop and a Movie 67. He Reads the Paper 68. Police Look for Terrorists 69. He Studies Too Late 70. The Cop Chases Him 71. A Good Golf Shot 72. She Is a Hard Worker 73. The Batter Takes a Swing 74. His New Laptop 75. A Hamburger and Fries 76. She Fixes Her New Shirt 77. She Washes the Clothes 78. A Butterfinger Candy Bar 79. He Vacuums the Carpet 80. She Goes to Lunch 81. She Plays Golf 82. He Buys Some Milk 83. He Is a Vampire 84. A Busy Museum 85. She Scrubs the Sink 86. Her Office Is Cold 87. Fourth of July in the U.S.A 88. He Pays the Electric Bill 89. She Has Brain Surgery 90. He Takes a Shower 91. People Buy Lottery Tickets 92. He Fills Out a Form 93. A Brand New Honda 94. She Makes a Salad 95. He Has Bad Breath 96. The Busy Ant 97. He Is a Policeman 98. The City Tour Bus 99. Superman Is the Greatest 100. She Catches the Train